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The Indicators And Triggers Of A Migraine

Migraine headaches are painful, and may also be debilitating for some sufferers. If you have migraines you may be at your wits end. But, there is hope. Learning what triggers this type of headache can go a long way to understanding why they occur, as well as how to treat them. Reducing the occurrence of […]


Complications Related To Migraines And Migraine Treatments

Migraine headaches alone can be painful, but another concern is that migraines can put the sufferer at risk for other serious conditions in the body. You can see how it is very important to find ways to prevent and control your headaches to improve your overall health. Complications can come from both the experience of […]


Choose Lifestyle Changes To Help Alleviate Migraines

Migraine headaches are extremely disruptive to your life. They can be very painful, even interrupting your day, week, month, or even your life. However, there is a ray of hope. Making a few lifestyle changes can alleviate the intensity and duration of your headaches. Controlling your migraines may start with controlling your lifestyle. If you […]


An Ounce Of Migraine Prevention Is Worth A Pound Of Cure

Having a headache is no fun. Having a migraine is even worse. But with the right precautions, you can prevent them from taking hold of your life. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This is never truer than in the case of treating a migraine. It takes time for medication to […]


Look In Your Kitchen For Natural Relief From Migraine Headaches

Many of us are not fond of taking medications to deal with migraines. Of course, before medicines became commonplace, there were other ways of healing that were found all around us. Natural remedies are not crackpot medicine. Today’s modern medicinal practices were developed over time by observing ancient methods of using herbs, plants, and oils […]


Migraine Risk Factors Beyond Your Control

Are you at risk for migraine headaches? It may not be a twist of fate that you are experiencing them right now. Something else may be going on that is a contributing factor. Migraines can happen to anyone at any time. We know some of the triggers: stress (a biggie), lifestyle choices (smoking, drinking) and […]


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