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Just a spoonful of fennel ? Plants can heal, herbalists say

Almost everyone has a story about a home-grown family remedy — be it Mom’s ginger tea for digestion, Grandma’s spicy soup for colds or Dad’s garlic cure for ear infections. Belief in the healing powers of herbs and spices goes back thousands of years, and lots of families still turn to the kitchen shelf before […]


What Are The Antiviral Herbs

The virus is a different creature than the bacteria.   Some people find viruses “scarier” because antibiotics have no effect on them. The interesting (and good) thing is that certain herbs do have antiviral action, and many of these are widely available. Here are some of them. 1. Lemon Balm In Germany, the antiviral effects […]


Thyroid Assist – For optimal thyroid health and functioning

Do You   Suffer from Thyroid Imbalance? Growth, Development, Metabolism, Organ function, Fertility, Body temperature. These are all vital body functions we tend to take for granted. It may come as quite a surprise then, that the regulation of these vital tasks is due to one tiny endocrine gland – the thyroid – located in your […]


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