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Dry Mouth Causing Bacteria To Grow – Halitosis

Whenever bacteria grows, it begins eating away some of the dead skin particles within the mouth and produce an odor Whenever you are asleep at night, something is happening inside of your mouth that you may not be aware of. Our salivary glands which keep our mouth moist during the day slow down during the […]


Drinking Water to Cure Bad Breath

Have you ever suspected that you had bad breath? You would probably be surprised with the number of times we walk around with this problem and we don’t even realize it. The receptors in our nostrils that detect odors become desensitized to the own smell from our mouth and this is what makes it so […]


Great Breath and Hygiene – Drinking Water for Health

One of the most common reasons why people have bad breath is because they do not have enough moisture in their mouth. Bacteria is a rather complex organism although it is considered by many to be a simple cell organism. The fact of the matter is, if you give bacteria an area in which to […]


Drinking Water – The Path to Nice Breath

When was the last time you enjoyed a nice, cool glass of water? For most of us, it’s been far too long and that is one of the reasons why we may be dealing with halitosis. Believe it or not, a dry mouth is one of the leading causes of bad breath and this can […]


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