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10 Tips To Improve Your Mental State When Living With Pain

Tips To Improve Your Emotional And Mental State When Living With Chronic Pain Dealing with chronic pain can exact a toll on your emotional and mental state of being. You may be constantly stressed by your pain and may even suffer from depression because the pain is affecting all areas of your life and your […]


6 Common Pain Triggers To Avoid

If you are someone who is dealing with chronic pain, you will want to stay as pain-free as possible and will want to avoid those things that trigger the pain to be worse. While you will want to maintain a quality of life that is as positive as possible, you should take note of those […]


Chronic Pain Can Be A Disease In Itself: Chronic Pain Syndrome

Chronic pain syndrome, also called CPS Chronic pain syndrome, also called CPS, is a common medical problem that challenges the best of doctors. It has a complex history and often it is unclear as to the cause of the pain. People with chronic pain syndrome tend not to respond very well to medical therapy. Chronic […]


Acupuncture For Chronic Pain

Since the 1970s, when Traditional Chinese Medicine brought acupuncture to the United States, Western scientists have wondered exactly how this phenomenon helps people with chronic pain and other health conditions. It has become popular among American patients, who haven’t waited for the research articles to come out in order to seek the advice and treatment […]


10 Ways To Be Happy Despite A Chronic Pain Condition

When you suffer from a chronic pain condition such as Fibromyalgia, you can find yourself in a never-ending cycle. This cycle involves feeling stressed because of the pain, the stress causing anxiety, the anxiety making the pain feel more intense and then pain in turn increasing the stress. Pain, anxiety and stress all make you […]


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