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Five Easy Ways to Reduce Risk for Alzheimer’s

  Let’s talk about some easy things you can do to stop cognitive decline that leads to Alzheimer’s dementia. Now, these are the kinds of conversations we explore in much greater detail in our undoctored inner-circle website. We start with the philosophy of the undoctored book and then we expand it further into areas like […]


Zeonetix Mind and Memory Formula Sustains Healthy Brain

Sustain Healthy Brain Function, Memory, Retention, Stop Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Dementia Today we are going to talk about the Zeonetix Mind and Memory Formula one of the totally integrated Formula’s that makes up the Zeonetix Total Wellness System. A healthy brain is a precious commodity, but it’s one that few people want to worry about. […]


How to Boost Your Memory and Brain to Avoid Alzheimer’s

Improve Memory: How to Boost Your Memory and Brain to Avoid Alzheimer’s Welcome to the vita life show. I’m doctor Janine Bowring and today we’re talking all about boosting your memory naturally and there are ways to do this especially foods in your diet that can really help your brain function. Where you may not […]


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