Plant Based Symposium: Dr. Joel Fuhrman

I don’t want to exclude people who don’t want to be vegans but instead incorporate them. I want to pull those people in to healthier eating and tell them if they don't want to give up their animal products, then they can use them as a flavoring or condiment in relatively small amounts, but still eat a diet whose vast majority consists of natural plants while recognizing that your animal products have to be held to minimal amounts. You can’t just do a paleo diet and think the more animal products you eat the better because that’s just poor science, it’s sloppy science, and it’s particularly irresponsible science. It’s irresponsible because we have too much data today, we have too many long-term studies on a large number of people that demonstrate how dangerous those diet styles are.

Amazing Health Benefits of Watercress

Watercress has plenty of Health and therapeutic properties however due to it's strong pungent and bitter taste it is never used alone but is always added to juices salads or other dishes as an ingredient flavor or garnish. Anti-anemic effect watercress is particularly helpful in treating different types of anemia due to its high content in iron.

Stop Counting Calories and Start Counting Chemicals

Stop counting calories and start counting chemicals. Hey, my friend! I’m in the beautiful city of Medellin, Colombia and I’ve been analyzing and watching people for an entire week and I’ve come to reach some realizations that I wanna share with you in this Saturday Strategy. If you’re the type of person that’s ever busted their butt in the gym without seeing results or you’ve tried to lower your calorie count to no avail, it could be because of your micro gut biome and it’s disrupted by the food that you’re eating. Those pesky chemicals that are holding you back from really getting the body that you want. In this video, I’m gonna talk about some of those chemicals that are in everyday food also in even, some of this stuff that you could be drinking and eating on a daily basis that’s loaded with these chemicals.

How to Overcome Autoimmune Disease


Hey guys, Dr. Axe here, doctor of natural medicine and founder of Today, I'm going to do an advanced training on how to overcome the autoimmune disease. I'll talk about my five steps to overcome autoimmune disease with natural treatments, diet, supplements, essential oils and much, much more in this training.

The 8 Pillars of Health “D” for Detoxification

The key to good health is good stuff in, bad stuff out, on a regular basis, which is detoxification. Jonathan Hunsaker: Welcome, everyone. Jonathan Hunsaker here with Organixx, and I’m joined by my good friend and business partner, Mr. Ty Bollinger. Listen, we’re filming a whole series of videos talking about the eight pillars of health, which are represented by the acronym INSPIRED. Today is the letter D, Detoxification.

The Lymphatic System

Interesting explanation how the lymphatic system works and it's function in our body.

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