Mitochondrial Etiology of Metabolic & Degenerative Diseases


A Mitochondrial Etiology of Metabolic and Degenerative Diseases, Cancer and Aging

A Mitochondrial Etiology of Metabolic and Degenerative Diseases, Cancer and Aging

Welcome back to those who have been here for much of the day, a wonderful symposium on mitochondrial biology and disease. Welcome to those who haven't been here all day & have come for the Wednesday afternoon lecture by Dr. Douglas Wallace a mitochondrial etiology of metabolic and degenerative diseases, cancer, and aging.

Is Cancer a Genetic Disease?


The True Origin of Cancer – Dr. Thomas Seyfried, PhD

Do you know the true origin of cancer? Is cancer really a genetic disease? Watch this video with Dr. Thomas Seyfried as he talks about the compelling evidence AGAINST the gene theory of cancer — even though modern medicine is still studying gene mutations and genetic problems with this disease.

Are Lectins The New Diet Enemy?


In the US  some people are saying,  “Hey, move over, gluten.  “There's a new diet craze in town.”  And this diet craze claims certain foods we all,  almost all of us consider them healthy,  might actually cause disease?  Check it out.  When it comes to our diets,  America is obsessed with what we put in and don't put in our bodies.

Healthy Foods that Can Actually Harm You


Lots of things hitting the news lately about medicines that we could take that might possibly be increasing our chance of heart disease, whether it's Advil, aspirin, all that. So it is happening right now, it is trending in the news and my guest today is Doctor Steven Gundry, who is a medical doctor, a heart surgeon, who is predominantly talking about how you can avoid chronic diseases, and he's doing a lot of work with autoimmune disease right now in his clinical practices in Palm Springs, in Santa Barbara, California.

What Are The Health Benefits of Kale


Would you like to know what all the hype is about kale? In this video, we're gonna talk about the health benefits of kale. Kale is packed with nutrition. Many experts say it's one of the top in the nutritional food that you can consume. It's full of vitamin C, potassium, iron, you can build a protein right out of the amino acids that you find in greens and kale is full of these amino acids. Fiber is what we need to have in our diet daily, and kale is a great source of fiber.

The Easy Way to Get the Benefits of Bone Broth


How to Get the Best Protein In Your Diet

Today we’re going to talk about bone broth. Ty? Ty Bollinger: Yeah, bone broth. I mean if you’re familiar with bone broth, if you have a grandmom, you’re probably familiar with bone broth, right? Because people have been cooking—as long as there has been cooking over the fire, for millennia, people have been cooking bone broth. Which when I say bone broth, it’s the connective tissue, the bones, the cartilage from meats, right? So, I remember my grandmom would cook fried chicken for us.

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