The Truth About PET Cancer – Episode 1


Ty Bollinger: Welcome to The Truth About Pet Cancer. I’m your host, Ty Bollinger. Thank you for signing up to watch this free seven-part docu-series. Over the past couple of years, I’ve traveled across North America interviewing some of the brightest veterinarians and scientists in an effort to learn the most effective treatments and preventions for pet cancer. I’m excited to share this enlightening journey with you so that you can learn this life-saving information that will help you enjoy a happier and healthier life with your pet. A recent Harvard University study indicated that merely owning a dog can make you healthier and happier. They even put out a Harvard special report entitled Get Healthy, Get a Dog. 60% of U.S. households own a dog, and 47% own a cat, according to a 2017-2018 national pet owner’s survey conducted by the American Pet Products Association.

OrganiGreens is Now USDA Certified Organic


OrganiGreens is Now USDA Certified Organic – Here's why it matters!

Welcome everyone Jonathan Hunsaker here with organics with my business partner and mighty good friend Ty Bollinger. What's that mean brother, not a lot listen we've been making videos lately and we love making of videos and we love making them connecting with you guys here and all your feedback and so we're hoping you're enjoying them and learning a lot.

Listen we have an awesome announcement again for you guys watching at home. You know how adamant we are about things being clean things being organic non-GMO minimizing pesticides all of that stuff.  Right well, we have a phenomenal announcement. Do you want to tell announcement? Everybody I would love to do it. We've got our organic greens is now USDA certified. Organic greens certified absolutely so our organic greens have 71 different fruits, vegetables seeds mushrooms everything in the kitchen sink. Throw it everything there that's good for you.

How Much Glyphosate Are You Consuming?


Mike, earlier, you mentioned glyphosate and we were talking about the different uses for glyphosate. Many people know that are watching that it’s recently been declared a probable carcinogen. But there are some unknown uses for glyphosate too that you were mentioning.

Why Are GMOs Bad? – Jeffrey M. Smith

Ty Bollinger: So what are the effects on humans of eating BT toxin and Roundup pesticide?

Jeffrey Smith: Well, it was promised to us up and down that BT toxin was safe because it only affected certain insects. That turned out to be not true. The BT toxin in its natural form, which is used as a spray or even organic agriculture has been linked to inflammation, immune problems, and also tissue damage in mice, but immune problems in humans. The toxin that’s produced in the corn is thousands of times more concentrated.

Understanding Resistant Starch


Hi everybody. My name is Dr. Carp. I am president and founder of Miracle Noodle, if you do not know and wanted to do a little bit of an experiment. And in my weight loss group that I have on Facebook, we've gotten a couple of questions about resistant starch and so I figured I would just jump on Facebook Live, do this as an experiment and see how it goes. And what we're gonna do in today's lecture is talk about resistant starch. What you need to know about resistant starch and the aim of this lecture is to understand that we all have this delicate balance in our body, especially in our gut. And what the role of resistant starch is for that. I also want to explain to you how to choose resistant starch for your diet, because it has such incredible benefits.

New Hypnosis Downloads for March 2018

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