Argan Oil: Health Benefits for Your Skin, Heart, & Beyond

Argan oil comes from the tender kernels inside the fruit of the slow-growing argan tree (Argania Spinosa). When argan oil began its boom in popularity, all-female collectives in southwest Morocco began making the oil. The women gather together, harvest the fruits, smash the hard shells on stones, pick out the tender kernels inside, and press the fruit kernels to retrieve the oil. Finally, the argan oil is sold as is or turned into creams and other products. Planting and tending argan trees also have environmental benefits: it helps reduce both climate change and desertification — a process where land becomes an unusable desert. The main argan forest in southwest Morocco is now an official biosphere reserve. Unfortunately, the boom in argan oil’s popularity has led to aggressive harvesting techniques that injure the sensitive trees. Many larger companies have also eliminated the cooperatives, which play an important role in empowering women in a patriarchal society.


German New Medicine 101

German New Medicine 101: Introduction to the Five Biological Laws Welcome to GM 101 an introduction to the five biological laws. My name is dr. Melissa Cell and I am beyond excited to be sharing this basic information with you today. This german new medicine and the five biological laws has radically changed the way

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German New Medicine Challenges the Germ Theory of Disease and Medical Tyranny that Destroys Lives

After considerable research among cancer patients, Dr. Hamer formed the five biological laws of New Medicine. He changed the name to German New Medicine upon learning he couldn’t trademark his original title. The German New Medicine (GNM) is based on tracing the impact of a sudden psychic shock that doesn’t get resolved, leaving an imprint on a part of the brain that corresponds with a specific organ. The type of shock or emotional impact determines the type of ailment affecting that organ. The unresolved biological impact creates what Dr. Hamer called a “biological conflict,” and its biological resolution is hampered by the unnatural “heroic interventions” mainstream allopathic medicine offers. According to GNM, only natural means that help the body heal itself might be necessary after resolving the unexpected psychic trauma with a process beyond normal psychotherapy. That concept was enough to cause the medical establishment to have Dr. Hamer imprisoned for a year and a half despite GNM’s cure rate of over 90 percent with 6,500 cancer patients during the late 1970s and early 1980s.

The Complete Guide To Lifestyle Diseases

The Complete Guide To Lifestyle Diseases Part 2

  Top Lifestyle Diseases Of Today Heart Disease – Heart disease is the #1 killer of men and women in the US, and encompasses a variety of conditions, including stroke, high blood pressure, heart failure, and others. Heart disease risk factors include diet, failure to exercise, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, as well as obesity. Strokes...

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Intuitive Healer

How to Become Your Own Intuitive Healer

Even after I had successfully addressed my autoimmune disease, Ulcerative Colitis, with a grain-free diet, I still struggled with some ongoing health challenges. For years, I faced issues including bloating, gas, anxiety, and insomnia.I recognized the shortcomings of Western Medicine after my colitis experience, so I didn’t turn to medication or wait in doctors offices. Instead, I plunged into the holistic health resources on the internet. I soon felt even more bloated on all the information I was trying to consume through articles, podcasts, health summits, nutrition books, and wellness conferences. Trying to keep up the latest information further provoked my anxiety, as I was sure the answers were out there and that I was missing them. I was sure there was an organic, gluten-free, all-natural magic pill — in the form of a supplement, dietary protocol, healing technique or health gadget — that would be the missing piece.But the more I researched, the more I felt overwhelmed with the conflicting health guidance I found.

The Complete Guide To Lifestyle Diseases

The Complete Guide To Lifestyle Diseases Part 1

Lifestyle diseases are different from other types of diseases because they are highly preventable. Lifestyle diseases tend to become more common in countries that are industrialized and are often the result of inappropriate relationships between people and their environment. "The prevalence of having 1 or more or 2 or more of the leading lifestyle-related chronic conditions increased steadily from 2002 to 2009. If these increases continue, particularly among younger adults, managing patients with multiple chronic conditions in the aging population will continue to challenge public health and clinical practice" - Co-Occurrence of Leading Lifestyle-Related Chronic Conditions Among Adults in the United States, 2002-2009, Ford, Croft, Posner, Goodman, Giles

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