Is the Neck Hammock Helpful or Harmful for your Neck


Dr. Mindy here and as most of you know who have been following my Facebook lives I specialize in resetting people's health and one of the things that we reset a whole bunch in my office are curves and people's spines.  So why you guys are sitting doing this all day where you're changing the curve in your spine and you're putting it into a reverse curve.  It's causing headaches it's causing neck pain it's caught its impeding blood flow in the cerebral spinal fluid in and out of your brain that is not a good situation.

What Sugar Does To Your Brain



Sugar-sweet it's in everything we eat and honestly makes life worth living but if you ever wondered what exactly is going on in your brain as you binge eat ice cream and raw cookie dough dark living room alone on a Saturday night. Not that I do that I'm Shannon and I'm a neuroscience Ph.D. candidate and this is your brain on shipping sugar.

As we consume it refers to a variety of carbohydrates created from just three elements carbon hydrogen and oxygen. Well, this stuff is naturally found in most plants it is also artificially added to just about everything we consume. From soft drinks to salad dressing now when I lick this lollipop sugar binds to my sweet taste receptors on my tongue. That information is sent to on my brain via the cranial nerves is relayed to several brain regions. Before reaching the primary regions before reaching the primary taste cortex or the gustatory cortex.

Why Vitamin & Mineral Supplements Might Be Failing You


Should I take Multi-Vitamins?

I’m Ty Bollinger. Thanks for joining me today. This is my good friend, Dr. Daniel Nuzum. Thanks for joining me, doc. Dr. Nuzum: Yes, sir. Ty Bollinger: And Dr. Nuzum is going to share with us some of his wisdom today on the importance of two things that seem pretty basic, vitamins and minerals, right? Dr. Nuzum: Right. Ty Bollinger: We need those in our diet to live, don’t we? But are we getting enough?

Can The Herpes Virus Kill Cancer?


Treat a virus with another virus like herpes? Crazy as that sounds, it’s happening right now! Hey guys, Amy with you on DNews today. Cancer is no one’s favorite topic; the prospect of abnormal cells dividing uncontrollably in your body and destroying healthy tissue is completely terrifying. But a new drug might be able to help by harnessing one virus to attack another. Viruses are tiny, the largest is smaller than the smallest bacteria. And because they are nothing but genetic material wrapped in a protein coat, they can’t live without a host. Viruses can only reproduce by attaching themselves to other cells, cells they reprogram to make new viruses until the host cell dies.

The 4 Root Causes of Cancer


What is the truth about the root causes of cancer? Did you know that there are basically four underlying factors of the root of almost every cancer? Can you guess what they are? In this video excerpt from last year's Truth About Cancer Live in Orlando… Charlene Bollinger: …our good friends KC and Monica Craichy, founders of LivingFuel, will teach you what these four factors are and how natural foods can be even more effective than over the counter drugs. Get out your pens, paper, iPads, and whatever else you might use, and take some notes.

The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest – Episode 1


Welcome to the Truth about Cancer: A Global Quest. I'm your host, Ty Bollinger. Many of you may have seen The Quest for the Cures last year. We were able to travel across the United States interviewing doctors, scientists, researchers, and cancer patients to learn what they were doing to treat cancer. It is only because of your support that we have been able this year to travel across the globe and to do over 100 new interviews with top scientists, researchers, doctors and cancer patients that are preventing, treating, and beating cancer. What you just saw represents less than half of the total interviews that you will see over the next nine days. Well I set out on a quest across the globe in search of the true cures to cancer.

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