Dr. Thomas Levy: How a Root Canal could be making you Sick

A root canal can always contribute or make worse any disease process you’re going on because you have to take in that much more quality nutrition and antioxidants such as vitamin C. In order to continue to win the reduction-oxidation battle that your body has to fight day in and day out to maintain good health. What can a person do that is listening to you now and just finished having a root canal done. What could they do to prevent you know infection or whatever comes from the tooth to go to the rest of the body? As it turns out and this is one of the important points in the book the root canal is what we call a fatally flawed procedure. By that I mean when you present to the dentist and you get pain in the tooth their approach so they’re doing the root canal procedures to call out the pulp of the tooth basically take out the nerves and take out your ability to feel pain. However it assures that there will be infection chronic in that root canal treated tooth one hundred percent of the time and if not 100 percent of the time as close to 100% as you can because Dr. Hodgins before me came along and had over five thousand extracted root canal teeth that had come from dentists around the country submitted to dr. Boyd Haley at the University of Kentucky. He was able to assay these teeth and find that 100 percent of them were infected and making very potent toxins.

How Obesity Affects the Brain

Obesity rates have tripled worldwide since 1975, and as of 2016, 39% of adults were overweight while 13% were obese.1 Associated health risks like heart disease and diabetes are well known, but many aren’t aware that your brain may also be affected by obesity. Rates of neurodegenerative disorders, including dementia, are also on the rise, with an estimated 115 million people expected to be living with dementia by 2050.2 It’s possible that rising rates of obesity may be one driving force behind this growing burden — and one that’s largely preventable at that. Obesity May Shrink Your BrainResearch published in Radiology found that obesity may lead to alterations in brain structure, shrinking certain regions.3 Among men, higher total body fat percentage was linked to lower brain gray matter volume. Specifically, 5.5% greater total body fat percentage was associated with 3,162 mm3 lower gray matter volume.4

Vitamin C and Niacin

The power of taking high-dose vitamin c, why niacin can change your life, and how to doctor yourself to keep yourself healthy. How Dr. Andrew Saul got into the industry of natural health and orthomolecular medicine. Why his children never had to use antibiotics and were never really sick. What Dr. Saul’s vitamin c protocol

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Qigong Might Be the Meditation Practice You Need

When Grace Yoon used to pass by groups of seniors practicing qigong in New York City’s Chinatown, she never gave them a second glance. “I thought, ‘Qigong is for elderly people who can’t move as quickly but still want to get some exercise,’” says Yoon, 33. So when her doctor recommended she try it for stress management nine months ago, Yoon was skeptical. But as a Korean-American, Yoon was also intimately familiar with the concept of qi, the energy of life that flows throughout the body and the starring element in the ancient energy practice that is qigong. In fact, the business she was in the process of starting—the arduous endeavor from which her stress was stemming—was a Korean wellness herbal line called Qi Alchemy.

4 ways pomegranate fights cancer

Pomegranate Fights Cancer 4 Ways

Cancer, second only to heart disease as the leading cause of death in the United States, kills 600,000 people a year.  And, while Western medicine attempts to treat lethal cancers with chemotherapy and radiation, these treatments feature severe side effects that may – themselves – be life-threatening. Today, we’ll take a closer look at how pomegranate fights cancer naturally. With its pleasing flavor – a refreshing blend of tart and sweet – and its eye-catching bright red color, pomegranate juice might seem more like a tasty indulgence than a therapeutic tool against disease. However, there is research which shows that pomegranates (high in disease-fighting antioxidants) are indeed “serious medicine.”

Coconut Flour Carrot Cake Cookies

Coconut Flour Carrot Cake Cookies

This recipe checks off my preferences when it comes to baking: Low in sweetenerGrain free, preferably made with coconut flour. Only one bowl required and quick prepThese coconut flour carrot cake cookies make a quick treat and can be easily customized with your favorite additions. I’ve incorporated pecans and raisins, but you can have fun with other dried fruit, nuts, or chocolate chips.

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