Treating Mercury Toxicity With Emeramide

Haley’s Alzheimer’s Research
Haley took a position with the Alzheimer’s Center, a research center for Alzheimer’s disease, where he collaborated with a former graduate student of his. The NIH funded their research for five years, which used Haley’s technology to assess the differences of ATP, GDP and cyclic AMP-binding proteins in normal brains versus those with Alzheimer’s disease.”There were dramatic differences,” he says. For example, the enzyme creatine kinase, which is a fundamental enzyme, is 98 percent inhibited in Alzheimer’s patients. They also discovered that tubulin — a major brain protein that holds an axon in its extended form and controls the growth direction of axons and dendrites — is inhibited by more than 80 percent. In 1989, he published the paper2 “Aberrant guanosine triphosphate-beta-tubulin interaction in Alzheimer’s disease” in the Annals of Neurology, stating that “These results support the hypothesis that microtubule formation is abnormal in brains affected by Alzheimer’s disease.”Haley goes on to recount the story of how he got into trouble with the NIH when he decided to investigate the influence of heavy metals on Alzheimer’s susceptibility. A popular theory at the time was that Alzheimer’s was caused by aluminum toxicity. Using his technology, he was able to show that mercury was the only heavy metal capable of causing a normal brain to develop the same biochemical abnormalities — including abnormal tubulin — that you find in Alzheimer’s disease. Haley claims his research has since been replicated and confirmed. According to Haley, mercury causes the synaptic clefts to disappear and triggers the formation of neurofibrillary tangles, a major diagnostic hallmark of Alzheimer’s, by causing abnormal hyperphosphorylation of tau.

What to Do When You Feel Stuck

What to Do When You Feel Stuck in That “Next” Decision

Imagine waking up every morning with an inner drive that leads you to make your everyday decisions with confidence with loads of energy in the midst of it all?I often write about exhaustion, feeling conflicted, and stuck with an internal dialogue that says, “What am I supposed to do next?”This point in history is a turning point from the traditional roles women (and men) fulfilled without question to multi-faceted roles without clear lines drawn in the sand. I hear from more and more women describing a conflict of emotions surrounding having children, a family, and also following their creativity, passion, and successful career path. There is an either/or mentality running rampant around what is the “right thing to do.” This will inevitably stop a person in their tracks and slowly kill the inner spirit. It’s why I created my athleisure line, as a visual reminder, and why I’ve launched Love the Mess, a Patreon community for women to live in flow with life.


The Post Birth Control Pill Hormone Reset

Quitting hormonal birth control can be a bumpy ride for some women. Learn how to re-balance your hormones naturally with self-care tips, herbs, and supplements in this article.Excited to become a mom, Elise, 34, came to see me in my medical practice, so frustrated that getting pregnant wasn’t going at all the way she thought it would. What she felt should have been an exciting time for her and her partner, had become an anxiety-provoking, stressful one. Two years after going off “the pill,” which she’d been on to “regulate her cycle,” since she was a teenager, she’d barely had a regular period – instead she’d go months between scanty periods, then have a major ‘blow out,” then again, nothing for months.  On top of it, she was experiencing cystic acne and weight gain, neither of which had been a problem for her before the pill! She was feeling pretty desperate, and worse with each new announcement from a friend that a baby was on the way. She and her husband were in the early stages of exploring fertility treatments.

Paleo Diet: Beginners Guide to the Paleo Lifestyle

15 Paleo-Friendly Ways to Eat Vegetables for Breakfast

Though the nutrition world has become polarizing, the shared ground tends to be “eat more veggies.”If you want to incorporate more vegetables in your day, start at the beginning of the day with these veggie-packed breakfast ideas. As I know many of you have egg allergies or avoid eggs, I’ve included egg-free options and noted them below. Egg free. Did you know you can make grain-free breakfast porridge with spaghetti squash? It’s comforting and hearty. The addition of collagen makes it a protein-rich breakfast without eggs.

Vitamin K2 + D3

What Are the Health Benefits of Vitamin K2?

Vitamin K is a fat-soluble vitamin essential for the functioning of several proteins involved in physiological processes. Naturally occurring forms are vitamin K1 (referred to as phylloquinone) and vitamin K2 (called menaquinones).1,2Vitamin K1, which is derived from green plants, is best known for the role it plays in blood clotting, while vitamin K2, derived primarily from fermented foods and animal products such as eggs, meat, and liver,3 is important to hormone production and utilization, as well as bone and heart health. Vitamin K2 does not get the attention it deserves, and it’s highly likely you’re not getting enough in your diet. Although fat-soluble, the body stores very little and it’s rapidly depleted without the regular dietary intake. Before discussing the numerous areas of your health where vitamin K2 has a significant impact, it’s first important to understand the different forms of the vitamin.

choose you

Choose You

Most happy people understand that we all have an inherent power within us. It’s what makes us tick, get up in the morning to do the things we want to do, and the things that we know we should do, but don’t particularly want to do. It’s the glow within our soul. If you want to be a doctor, go and be a doctor, you want to be a beach bum and hang out with Avant Garde people in a jazz bar and philosophize just do it. It’s your right, as long as your actions aren’t hurting anyone and it’s not illegal. Who has the right to tell you it’s not alright to do those things or has the right to say “you know what, I empower you? I’ll allow you to use your inner power to follow your dreams, go where your heart takes you.” Wow, thanks that are so gracious of you. The unhappy people are those stuck on the treadmill of life doing what their family, their peer group or society expects of them. They spend their lives trying to make others happy and lose themselves!

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