Diabetic Foot Problems and Managing Type 2 Diabetes

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Diabetic Foot Problems and Managing Type 2 Diabetes Information

Diabetes is a common problem that affects more than 20 million Americans. It is an illness that causes many health problems. These problems occur because the body loses its ability to filter its blood glucose in a proper manner. The lack of proper blood glucose filtering damages the nerves as well as the blood vessels and creates many Diabetic Foot Problems if left untreated.

When the nerve becomes damaged, diabetic Foot problems become more apparent. The patient may notice diminish sensation in the foot, even when they have cuts, bruises or sores, which left untreated leads to infection. They may also develop cracked heels, which also may lead to infection. In addition to nerve problems, blood vessels damage also occur, a condition commonly called peripheral vascular disease. The peripheral vascular disease also develops diabetic foot problem due to the reduce blood flow in the feet and legs. Anyone having these two conditions and sustains a minor injury and does nothing about it runs the risk of developing an infection. One major effect of developing infections is gangrene disease, which causes the skin in the affected area to change color, dies and possible lead to leg amputation.

With all said about diabetic foot problems, patients must learn techniques essential in Managing Type 2 Diabetes. Start by monitoring their diabetes level, and adopt a healthier lifestyle. Eat more healthy nutritious meals including fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans, lean meat as well as start a low-fat dairy instead. Eat minimal portions of starchy foods, meat, and dairy products and try to avoid foods loaded with glycemic such as white bread, white rice, and soda. Eliminate fast foods if at all possible because often they come with a high quantity of refined carbohydrates, sodium and trans fats.

Another effective approach to manage type 2 diabetes is an implementation of an exercise regimen to keep diabetes under control. Exercise such as walking minimize the diabetic condition because physical activity transmits some of the blood glucose into cells and cause increase blood flow. Exercising also helps you to lose weight and is necessary also to minimize the fat around your belly area, an area where excess weight tends to develop into type 2 diabetes more so than other areas of the body.

Exercise and implementation of a healthier diet will go a long way in managing type 2 diabetes and will also reduce the chances that you will develop diabetic foot problems.

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