Top 3 Best Juicers!

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FullyRaw Kristina of and shares with you the Top 3 Best Juicers in which to invest for your health!

Everyone is always asking me what juicer I recommend, so I have brought in a juice machine expert to tell us the TOP 3 JUICERS that you should invest in for your health! These juicers give you the best yield for your price and the most nutrition for your body!

We may even give you 3 easy tips on how to start growing your own garden! Thanks to my friend John Kohler for sharing my passion for juicing and gardening with me! All my hugs!

John joins us from the Woodstock Fruit Festival in New York to share with us his wonderful recommendations! Thank you, John! 🙂

The Top 3 BEST Juicers:

L'equip 10.5 or 215 XL
Omega 8004 or 8006
Omega Vert 350 HD (or the Hurom Juicer)– THIS IS MY PERSONAL FAVORITE!



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