How to Naturally Lower Your Blood Pressure

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Hey, in this video I'm going to share with you the top ways to lower blood pressure naturally. “There's”, literally, millions of people all across North America who are struggling with high blood pressure, as well as Europe, in Australia and all around the world. And so again, I'm going to go through my top five things you can do to lower blood pressure naturally, and by the way, do this fast. Some of these plans people have out there today can take months to see outcomes. You can see outcomes in one day, 24 hours, by following the tips in this video. Your number 1 step to naturally lowering your blood pressure is going to be devouring a Mediterranean-like diet. And a Mediterranean diet is going to be very, the highest in fruit, veggies, sea meat, and healthy omega-3 rich flab petroleums from things like olives and flax seeds. And so, again, following a Mediterranean diet and ideally would be considered more of a grain free or a lower grain consumption Mediterranean diet is ideal.

Some of the top meat you want to devour on this diet are now going olive oil, flax seeds, wild-caught fish, especially salmon. And then, lots of fruits and vegetables. If you can do that, that is going to be step one in naturally lowering your blood pressure. “There's” four most natural remedies that are going to be beneficial as well. The number 1 supplement and my number two thing you can do to naturally lower blood pressure is to start taking a fish oil supplement. The study demonstrates how devouring fish oil which is high in EPA and DHA forms of omega-3 fatty battery-acids reduce inflammation of the body.

We know that one of the main reason for high blood pressure is inflaming of the arteries over time. So again, take a high-quality fish oil, a 1,000 milligrams every single day with your dinners. The third natural rectify in naturally lowering high blood pressure is going to be magnesium. Now, magnesium is great because this mineral helps relax your blood vessels and it was able to have only one immediate impact on naturally lowering blood pressure. So again, magnesium, typically 500 milligrams daily is a great dose to naturally start to lower blood pressure.

The fourth natural rectify for lowering blood pressure is going to be getting more potassium in your diet or taking even a potassium supplement. Potassium is essential and some of the best potassium-rich meat includes coconut water and bananas. So coconut water is if you crave something a bit sweet to drink through the working day, you can do coconut water. Likewise doing a superfood smoothie in the morning, doing coconut water as your actual liquid base but getting more potassium. Avocados are also high in potassium, but what I would do is go online and look up potassium-rich meat and start getting more potassium in your diet to naturally lower blood pressure. And my amount five supplements for naturally lowering blood pressure is going to be Coenzyme Q10.

Coenzyme Q10 is also vital if you've ever been on a blood pressure or especially a cholesterol-lowering medication, you must be taking Coenzyme Q10. It's the antioxidant that is critical for supporting your heart health. And so typically 200 to 300 milligrams a day of Coenzyme Q1 0 can perfectly naturally help equilibrium blood pressure in the body. So remember, if you're going to lower your blood pressure, number 1, follow a Mediterranean-like diet that's high in fruit, veggies, sea meat especially wild-caught fish, and then again, health flaps and petroleums like omega-3 fatty battery-acids and olive oil. And then, again, magnesium, fish oil, potassium, Coenzyme Q1 0, you do those things you are going to great outcomes in naturally lowering your blood pressure.

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