What is the ‘Bone Broth Diet’?

What is the ‘Bone Broth Diet’?

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A diet book that has become a new york times best seller.

We're talking about the bone broth diet. It promises to help you lose up to 15 pounds in just three weeks. Our Paula Tutman talked with the diet's author who is visiting metro Detroit today. Paula: there are a variety of diets, but how often do you actually get an opportunity to meet the creator of a diet. The main greets are things you usually throw away, bones, fish heads, turkey bones. It's actually broth. Paula: she said it's all about the bones. We can get so much nutrition and healing. We've got amino acids, glucosamine, and chondroitin. Paula: and simmering them for hours and hours. It's a good blood builder. And you get collagen. It's actually the building blocks for the body. Paula: for near lay decade, this board-certified physician and nutritionist have been using a modern preparation system. Whether you use a stovetop, crock pot or fast cooker, you overcook the bones and get to the nutrients. You sip on the bone broth. Paula: and in as little as 21 days, look great and turn back the clock.

The mother of two who works for a holistic family center in ann arbor is a devotee. I had a snappy high like I had an awesome coffee, but it's prolonged and no jitters that go along with it. We don't get sick so much in our house. Paula: dr. Frank McGeorge is skeptical about anything that has the word diet. Something like the bone broth diet is not necessarily going to do it, so it may give you a jump-start, but long-term that's not sustainable. You have to change your mindset. Paula: but dr. Kelly-ann said you don't take foods away. Make it, store it, and drink two cups a day. It enhances your nutrition by adding the meat of healthy eating into your system. The bones. There's a lot of information, including an info night tomorrow that you can attend. We'll have all the information on our website, clickondetroit.Com, or go to my facebook page, Paula Tutman, local.

Karen: and Paula left us some bone broth so we can give it a try. I'll do my little taste test. You can do the weather. I never drank bone broth. Ben: it sounds fantastic. The color is putting me off…

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