The Struggle Of Dysfunctional Eating

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Dysfunctional eatingDysfunctional eating starts to disrupt normal life when it interferes with the healthy intake of food.


It is called dysfunctional because eating is no longer about consuming food to satisfy a nutritional need or to satisfy hunger but instead is used for other reasons, which are usually egregious in nature.

Healthy Weight Network describes dysfunctional eating as eating to alleviate anxiety, numb pain, for comfort or to relieve stress.


Dysfunctional eating can go beyond eating behind emotions, it can entail not being able to identify when you are full or satisfied or simply not knowing, or being in touch with how much food, the body needs.

It can also mean eating too much for the sake of pleasure, letting food control you and living to eat instead of eating to live.


Additionally, many people are hooked on carb-rich foods, like junk food, chips, and sugar that plague our society and many experts believe that carb intake is a one of the if not the main reason for the astronomical obesity rates in the United States, with 1/3 of adults obese.


In essence, in dysfunctional eating patterns food has more power over you than you have over it, in one way or another.

You struggle to justify eating this or skipping that but you never really get in touch with the simple concept of “food for sustenance.”




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