Stop Counting Calories and Start Counting Chemicals

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Stop counting calories and start counting chemicals. Hey, my friend! I’m in the beautiful city of Medellin, Colombia and I’ve been analyzing and watching people for an entire week and I’ve come to reach some realizations that I wanna share with you in this Saturday Strategy. If you’re the type of person that’s ever busted their butt in the gym without seeing results or you’ve tried to lower your calorie count to no avail, it could be because of your micro gut biome and it’s disrupted by the food that you’re eating. Those pesky chemicals that are holding you back from really getting the body that you want. In this video, I’m gonna talk about some of those chemicals that are in everyday food also in even, some of this stuff that you could be drinking and eating on a daily basis that’s loaded with these chemicals.

I’m also gonna give you a simple three-step solution to actually start to repair some of that micro gut biome that actually changes itself every 20 minutes. So it’s no longer you are what you eat, it’s you are what your micro gut biome eats and that changes every 20 seconds. You actually have three pounds of micro gut biome in your gut. I’m not a human body, I’m actually a suit that’s holding on to this bacteria is a way to look at it. So one thing I’ve noticed about the people here is they’re very sincere. They’re very loving oriented and what that means is that even a complete stranger from America could walk up to somebody from South America or Medellin and have a conversation with them and not have felt awkward because there are no guards up.

The sense of ego is much more diminished from the people here. It’s not like they have to prove anything. An example that I’ve come to realize is that being born in the US, it's kinda like you’re born in Sparta, you know we’re all competing with each other. Like these soldiers that are going off to war every single day to have a bigger house, to have more expensive cars, to uh really show our value through our material possession when here, the real value is happiness.

So where does happiness start? Well in fact 95 percent of serotonin is created in the gut. So if you’re not eating the right diet that means that happiness molecule that 95 percent of the serotonin that goes to your brain that gives you those happy joyous feelings, those feelings that you had when you’re six years old at your first you know big birthday party when you invited all your friends. That aha moment of feeling, that’s serotonin going off in your brain. So people experience it on a deep level here. What is it that does that? Well, it’s the elimination of these toxic chemicals first and foremost. BPA, the same stuff that’s in those plastic water bottles that a lot of people drink when its heat up is also found in some kids cereal, crazy stuff.

Propyl gallate it’s actually found on mayo, it’s found on canned goods, it’s found on a lot of dressings that are actually on the shelves of the grocery store. TBHQ is another one. It’s found in fast food like chips, buns, different snacks that you can buy in the grocery store. Triacetin is another one. It’s found in the candy bars, cookies, chips, crackers that are in the grocery store. So these four things you wanna watch out for.

When we talked about reading food labels last week, when we went over the nine shows that it’s organic like the veggies that are on the grocery store, you also wanna be conscious when you’re consuming different package goods from the store. These for things are straight out nasty for you. They are your gut biome disruptors. The good news is your gut biome changes every 20 minutes. So what that means is a lot of people that are vegans, vegetarians, they’re on a paleo diet, they’re on Drew Can diet whatever your diet maybe it’s shifting every 20 minutes with what you decide to put in your body. So why are people in Colombia so much healthier with what they’re eating? Well, they’ve eliminated the toxins first and foremost because there’s not a lot of processed foods, there’s not a lot of chemicals in the stuff that they are getting locally.

It’s all organic, it’s all grass-fed with the meat that they’re eating. If they do eat whole grain it’s from a farm it’s not loaded with uh, chemicals that are sprayed, that are found in America today. Monsanto isn’t really here poisoning the crops so that people have to eat that food and consume it to really disrupt your micro gut biome.

How does that relate to you? Well, it relates to you because when you eliminate the toxins you start eating food that is organic, that’s grass-fed, that’s really good for your gut bacteria you’re gonna start to notice the difference. So Colombia was just ranked the second happiest place in the world. How happy do you wanna be? And how important is it to you to really get all of that serotonin in your brain on a daily basis? So I wanna encourage you today my friend look at the blog below this video, if you are on YouTube go to the blog if you are on the Facebook same thing because I broke down even more of those pesky chemicals that are laden in our food that most people are simply unaware of.

And that not only aware of because they are not educated or they are not smart it is just not common knowledge. A lot of people don’t really study this stuff but you do because you are here watching this video, my friend, there are no accidents. You need to take this message and share it with the people that you care about. You want everybody in your life to be happy. I know you do because I want you to be happy and everybody that watches this. So here are some steps that you and I can do to start to heal that gut bacteria, that micro gut biome. Number one, start eating organic food. Avoid the pesticides, get rid of the toxic compounds that are in a lot of foods that we talked about today already.

Number two is perimeter shop in the grocery store. Don’t go down those aisles like we talked about in last week’s video. Number three, eat probiotic-rich food. Things like kimchi, kefir, sauerkraut, different things that have a lot of probiotics in there. And what I do and I’m gonna encourage you to do this as well is actually take probiotics that have multiple strains and what that means is you’re not just taking ten billion of one strain of probiotics because each one of those probiotics does something different in your body.

There’s one probiotic that may be good for your brain while another one may be good for recovery, muscle tissue, different things like that. So you wanna diversify your probiotics and the next upcoming weeks I’m gonna be educating you more and what some of those other strains actually do in your body. So look out those videos I wanna show you why starting with the gut, fixing that micro gut biome can actually start to change your entire life experience.

So thank you so much for watching my friend, let’s talk about who the juicer winner is. Today’s juicer winner is Tyler Webb. He’s worked on a physical and mental transformation and we’re sending him a brand new Kuving’s juicer. Tyler uses this as a tool to take your health to the next level and keep us posted on your progress. Congratulations Tyler! Alright, so I’ve been in beautiful Medellin for the past week. I’m only here a few more days. I’m meeting with some of the most prestigious organic farmers in the world here in South America. It’s been a mind-blowing experience. I’ve realized that by getting outside of the US and seeing how other traditions, other cultures, different people and different places do things, it can actually add a lot of value to you.

So what I want you to do is leave a comment on this video and let us know where you want us to go next because if you have an organic farm or you wanna see FitLife reveal some of the information that we’re working on in Colombia and South America then we wanna get that out to the world as well. There are some superfoods, there are some super herbs, there are different things here that the rest of the world just doesn’t have yet and we wanna educate you on that. So I’m Drew Canole thank you so much for watching. It’s been another incredible episode of this week’s Saturday Strategy and I’ll see you next week. I think I swallowed a bug dude. It was a fly exactly…