Triumph Tinnitus Today: A Step By Step Guide To Turning Down Tinnitus

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Discover the truth about many of the medicines we take for granted – how they can be causing your tinnitus!.

Discover that the hearing loss which accompanies or follows tinnitus DOES NOT HAVE TO BE PERMANENT– as many doctors lead you to believe!

Survey all your options when it comes to this condition, and teach you a completely holistic and natural method to curing your tinnitus!

By reading this one page alone, you will get a great overview of tinnitus as a condition, and access to the information and steps you need to free yourself from the terrible, tormenting clutches of tinnitus!

Tinnitus Fact #2 About 10 million people in the United States alone suffer from CHRONIC TINNITUS, the type of tinnitus that hinders a person from functioning normally.

Does it make you feel better to know that you are not alone and that there are people who understand what you are going through? I know it made me feel a lot better. It gave me hope that there were people to talk to, people who could empathize, and people who could help. I do not suffer from tinnitus, I never have. But my daughter, Lydia (Liddy for short), suffered from tinnitus for a little over ten years. She was twenty years old when a combination of loud noises (the firecrackers on the 4th of July and the blaring large speaker which she sat beside) left her with tinnitus. At first I didn't understand what she meant when she said she was hearing “buzzing” in her ears. She was fond of rock music, after all, and I figured she was just remembering what she would hear when she'd have her headphones on all day. It wasn't until three or four days later when I noticed how sluggish she was, still complaining about noises and being crabby about it now. I realized she wasn't sleeping well, and she said it was because of the noise. A little bit of research and a trip to my doctor led us to the conclusion that she might have tinnitus.

My general practitioner referred me to two other doctors, a hearing specialist and an ear and sound specialist. They conducted tests who conducted tests to see how bad the tinnitus was, and if it truly was tinnitus. The results showed that Liddy had an almost “classic case” of tinnitus: a pitch match of 3,500 Hertz (Hz) and a loudness of 7 decibels (dB.) I remember sighing with relief. It had been about two and a half weeks since she'd first complained about the “buzzing.” By then she only slept when extremely exhausted, she was cranky all the time, she'd stopped going out to see her friends, had difficulty eating, and seemed really sad and upset. I knew that knowing what it was and the specific characteristics would finally help her, and help me avoid dealing with yet another round of doctors who would have to help a depressed twenty year old cope with life!!


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