Sarcoidosis Protocol That Healed 1000s Worldwide

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Quotation: Jani Hajjri, health specialist and alternative medicine researcher, Chicago – Illinois, Oct. 2006: "All the efforts to send the "message" to the immune system of a sarcoidosis sufferer that there's nothing wrong and there's no need for such extreme reactions fail tragically unless care is taken to…"

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My name is Danielle May, I am a mother of two, a medical researcher and a former sarcoidosis sufferer. I have seen the hell of sarcoidosis and I know what you're going through. I have suffered from a severe case of sarcoidosis that affected my lungs, my spine, my face and damaged many of my internal organs in the process.

The bottom line is this – 1,000s worldwide are healing their sarcoidosis today and it is no longer such a mystery. You can be one of those people very easily. That is why you owe it to yourself not to even think about leaving this page before you have learned everything about the Aden protocol.

On this page you will find just a couple of success stories and unsolicited testimonials of the people that re-gained their lives from the living hell of sarcoidosis.

It is a way of spreading the word and helping people with sarcoidosis diagnosis learn about the only system that actually gives results. I wear my badge wherever I go. I hope you'll be asking me to send you one very soon.

So when you see someone on the street passing by you wearing a white badge with a gray wild lotus on it, know that that person did it, too. She/he beat sarcoidosis using the Aden protocol. It is a sign of recognition for all of us.

By now, at least a dozen of people have asked me about the badge and the story behind it, because they or someone they love is a sarcoidosis sufferer. Some of these people are my personal friends today. Most of them are in remission and are living normal and healthy lives.

…after a couple of months of breathing problems and chronic leucopenia, I was diagnosed with sarcoidosis in 2004 and they soon found it in my eyes and my spleen. My spleen was so severely involved that I had to have an urgent splenectomy. Then, I was keeping it under control for a year or so with heavy doses of Cortisol and Prednisone. From there…