No More Neck Pain

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No More Neck Pain — @DrJerryKennedy

If you are listening to this (or watching it since we have the cameras on today) and ever find yourself dealing with neck pain or that tightness that runs down the back of your neck into your shoulders…I have some really great tips that will help you understand what’s going on and what you can do about it.

For those of you who don’t know me,  I’m the host of on online radio show called The Dr. Jerry Kennedy Show.  And I was also practicing chiropractor for 9 years where I specialized in treating neck pain patients.

But one of the most frustrating things about practice was watching my patients visit my office so frequently because they didn’t know what they could do at home to help themselves out.

Ultimately I created Neck Pain UnPlugged – a simple to use, neck pain treatment program that can be done from home that will help neck pain sufferers reduce their pain and drastically reduce or eliminate their need for neck pain treatment.



You see…although 70% of people experience neck pain, most people don’t have to suffer with chronic neck pain.

The problem is that the average neck pain sufferer is committing one or more big mistakes that may not seem like a big deal but are ultimately keeping them in pain. From my experience, there are 3 of these big mistakes that neck pain sufferers commonly make.  And if you are doing even one of them, it’s going to be difficult to get long term neck pain relief.

So I not only know about neck pain relief as a treating physician, but also as a patient.  That gives me some pretty unique insight into the topic of neck pain and neck pain relief.

I couldn’t even walk around the mall when I was 17 without sitting down and taking a break.  I even had an episode when I was a chiropractic student and was regularly getting chiropractic care that had me in so much pain that I found myself on the floor of a public bathroom, unable to get up.

Now as terrible as that whole bathroom experience was,  it the made me start to question everything that I thought I knew.  Why was this happening to me even though I was regularly going to the chiropractor?  And at the time, I was only 22 years old.  How bad was my pain going to be at 42 or 62 if I didn’t get this figured out?

That’s when I started to understand some of the mistakes I was making.  I was making the same mistakes that I saw my patients make when I was in practice.  And when I started correcting those mistakes, I started getting long term pain relief for the first time and I no longer needed frequent chiropractic adjustments to feel good.

Now calling this a mistake may sounds strange coming from someone who got paid for 9 years…

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