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After coping with the shock, most of us would find the very best doctor we can and follow his treatment plan to the letter. After all, he went to school for 13 years, he's the cancer expert, right?

It's true. While conventional doctors are undoubtedly experts in chemo, radiation and surgery (the only treatments taught in most medical schools), these are not the safest, most effective ways to cure most cancers.

Sure, they can beat back the cancer for a while, but these treatments also poison your whole body, especially your immune system. They weaken your body's natural defenses just when you need them most. That's why you see cancer patients get far sicker after starting chemo or radiation than they do with the cancer they lose their hair, vomit, and get all sorts of infections. Many patients decide they'd rather die than go through it a second time and that's exactly what they choose to do.

If all that misery actually cured cancer it might be worth it but most of the time it doesn't! These treatments fail more often than they succeed!

That's right, after our loved ones have suffered for months on end and paid an average of $350,000 for conventional treatments, over 55% of the most feared cancers come back again according to researchers at the prestigious MD Anderson Cancer Center.

I'll tell you the reason for this long-running myth in a moment, but first, I want you to know the important truth…

You don't need these scary, poisonous and expensive treatments to cure cancer. You can get rid of cancer naturally, safely and permanently. And you can do it in your own home for a fraction of the cost of conventional treatments.

In fact, except for diagnostic testing, with most cancers you don't even need a traditional hospital at all! A perfect example is Irma…

When Irma was diagnosed with throat cancer in her early 50's, she told me how she followed her doctor's orders and had a surgeon remove part of her vocal cord. Then she underwent chemo. Everything was fine for awhile, but six years later the cancer came back.

This time, doctors said, they would have to cut out her entire larynx, leaving her unable to speak. And they said if she refused surgery, the growing tumor would eventually block her airway. She'd literally be unable to breathe she'd choke to death!

These horrible treatments didn't work the first time, Irma recalled wondering, so why would I go through more of that again?

Instead, she found a natural cancer remedy she could take on her own, without suffering any side effects. Turns out, this was the best decision of her life… In just six weeks, Irma's voice was clear, the inflammation in her throat had disappeared and most importantthe tumor was shrinking! Here's what she told me…

"I felt much better and decided to show my family doctor how I was coming along. When he looked down my throat, he…

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