How to Have HEALTHY Kidneys for LIFE

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Tonight we're going to talk about kidney disease now you might think why are we making such a big deal out of it because most people have two. That that's like an Anatomy joke. Well, when we look at this these are the statistics today the kidney is basically a blood filter. So, if it's breaking down as bad as this you know you're talking a hundred thousand people or kidney failure and if the kidneys fail you die so that means somebody's dying from the toxicity of the kidneys and then that's unusual because we got a look at our environment.

Diabetes is a common form of kidney disease that makes sense diabetes is from toxic blood so you know you're talking to blood filters that make sense. Okay, I'll go along with that a hundred and eighty million with kidney failure and disease what you know unless it's dangerous to be American that doesn't make sense what's interesting though federally funded care.

So, that means the government is going to fund the therapies for this why yeah why so let's find out to see what ‘s going on with this. You might say well let's wait to check our kidneys do we have a crisis these guys were walking along nice and neat when their crisis hit was it too late assume if you're living in America today and if you're living with the standard medical care and the standard American diet you have kidney disease you have kidney damage. If you're in this country and you're exposed to the average thing that the television is going to tell you to do like you know go to occasional McDonald's or Carl's Jr.

Or you know for healthy stuff get the microwavable meals you are damaging yourself when we look at the kidneys and the kidneys are actually brilliant they produce a protein called the worth of Wheaton. Now let's say that all of us moved up to Colorado for a couple of weeks. Your body would sense less oxygen and the air the kidneys would sense that it would produce more Wytheville bleeding that would send a signal over to the long bones the long bones would make more red blood cells but the red blood cells would start to circulate so the blood would hold more oxygen it's called blood doping.

This is why a lot of people with athletes will work out at a higher level or altitude so the sensors in the kidneys I want you to appreciate how brilliant these are and then you start looking that this is how the system works. So, it not only has sensors it has filters now the functional unit of the kidney is called a nephron. If you can appreciate how many thousands of little tiny units are inside and you can see blood comes down in here filters out of this and into it now you might say well why doesn't just filter stuff out because it filters it out the body senses what's coming out and then it draws most of the stuff back in.

So it's a really finely tuned filter and that now since it's very small obviously if you have blood vessels that are clumping together from polyunsaturated fats which are rich in our diet or diabetes or less acid in the stomach which is also going to clump blood vessels together the nephrons are going to have to work harder. Well if they work harder they're going to get clogged. Now imagine this okay every day a hundred and eighty liters of blood are filtered through those two kidneys so that means a terrific amount is filtered out only two liters turn into the urine. So you think to wait a second you know that's like 1% of everything that's filtered back that means 99% of everything filtered out is also drawn in so this is a blood filter that's cleaning it so it's only getting rid of about 1% of the toxic stuff in our system.

It's a really good filter the problem is when we look at this if we have excess exposure. If the blood isn't healthy those nephron units are going to get clogged so we're talking a hundred and eighty liters that's a lot of fluid so that means there's a horrific amount of surface area in the kidney. If now does 100 Navy leaders got to be filtered through their every day yes or yes what if we only have one kidney same amount you bended these classes before yeah you're a first-timer right okay. You look at this anything well wait for a second what if we have damaged what if there's a drug or bullet.

I actually had a patient who was shot in both of his kidneys and he was escaping from a Cambodian prison camp and he had no trouble regulating his blood pressure no trouble filtering it. So what the did he still need to filter 180 liters of blood a day. Yes, he did okay so the body can compensate for it now what if you got these two regular kidneys. What if you damaged some of them you get it are you going to have the same surface area or less surface area? Less okay so that means that in order to run the same amount of 180 liters of blood through it what's going to have to happen to blood pressure. It has to it has to go up so there's an ignorance in the medical field and when you're studying kidney issues and you're aware of anatomy physiology it's so frustrating to look high blood pressure causes kidney disease.

No high blood pressure adaptation to kidney disease it's what's keeping you alive you can't compare somebody's blood pressure as healthy kidneys to somebody who doesn't have it. That's illogical that doesn't make sense so if you have damage to the kidneys and then you slow the blood pressure down with a drug in the medical world they actually say it's going to be helpful. This is what's prescribed now when we look at this I call it the ultimate organ 15 percent of the people today on dialysis this means that their kidneys don't work at all okay or very little.

If they're not on dialysis they die from Tylenol and been over-the-counter pain relievers so what's the most commonly prescribed drug in America it starts with the tea pilot ah now why would you prescribe a pain reliever that's responsible for putting so many people on dialysis. What's the ethics behind that when we talk about joints we know that Tylenol and the non-steroidal anti-inflammatories inhibit proteoglycan production that's the building block of cartilage? So wait for a second this thing is the deadliest drug in America Tylenol it damages the kidneys and it destroys joint cartilage but it makes you comfortable.
While you go through them and it's the drug doctors recommend most no forget that we're not going to look at the TV anymore okay they call it cheapo where you just you know are there your definition of I mean the definition of sheeple is not you're here if you're watching this on YouTube you're not you're getting information from other sources. This is vital that you understand that this body is designed to function correctly I'll answer questions at the end okay now daily aspirin use this is one of the deadlier drugs involved in the kid kidney.

y because if you're in the supermarket you're going to see easy bruising okay what is that damages blood vessels if you see somebody that has damaged blood vessels and bruises everywhere do you think all those little blood vessels inside of the kidney might be damaged. Yeah, no wonder and it even says it on there it says GI complications go at 450 percent glucose intolerance or GI blood loss. GI intolerance liver and kidney damage and no difference in cardiovascular use because they say take the aspirin today for a healthy heart.

Vaccinations is another one it even says damaged because you got the nem Ephraim you got the glomerulus which is part of the kidney it damages the glomerular nephritis so this means it damages the part of the nephron. The Vaccines it says it on the package now and also to are there foreign DNA inside of the kidney or inside of the vaccines yeah. There heavy metals and aluminum and toxins so we know there's toxins and poisons inside of the vaccines.

Do you think that would negatively affect the filter yeah okay so what if we do oh I don't know say you know 81 shots by the time of kids are 6. Do you think that might be a little too many well here's an article and and this this is information that's available it's on the package insert. This one's out of the New England Journal of Medicine so if you're sitting around you know you're lonely you can watch an old episode of Matlock or research. I type in okay Earl Charlie childhood membranous nephropathy that means a problem with the nephron or a problem with the kidneys do two cationic bovine serum albumin that's cow proteins and you start thinking wait a second cow proteins damaging what does this mean.

I mean if you're like me and you read this doesn't make you want to read it okay so you know I'd be a slam single so when you look at this and you read into the in the thing and this is know England Journal of Medicine there's like three years ago the impairment of the glomerular capillary wall. This means that this bovine protein damages the kidneys and I think wait a second it can't just be from dairy so what did they say it's from today's food ingredients are subjected to a variety of processing conditions that may induce modification of the proteins which could affect the digestion of these proteins and allow their passage in the bloodstream.

Wait a second so it's the bovine proteins getting in the bloodstream away from digestion that's causing damage to the kidneys so this means foreign proteins inside of the bloodstream that hasn't been purified by digestion are causing kidney damage. Okay so I love this we report a mechanism for childhood membranous neuropathy involving anti bovine serum albumin antibodies and a modified food derived antigen in English that means you get foreign proteins in the bloodstream. The body says what the heck is this doing here I'm going to build an antibody to fight it the antibody goes in there then that causes an autoimmune disorder or reaction to it does that make sense.

Wait a second I'm starting to think about this what are some of the ingredients in a vaccine wait they're grown in foreign DNA is DNA considered a protein yeah wait a sec let me look at that list of vaccine ingredients holy moly bovine serum fetal calf serum but more bovines here so it's one of the ingredients that you can't just grow a vaccine out of the air you got to have some kind of foreign living available protein because viruses aren't alive they're actually a well-organized molecular parasite.

So you're injecting multiple proteins multiple agilent's multiple heavy metals multiple you know from aluminum to polysorbate 80 which crosses the blood-brain barrier and then you know I'm in the flu shot you got a choice of dog kidney cells monkey kidney cells aborted human fetal cells caterpillar larvae or chickens. Well last time I looked those are all different types of proteins and this is injected in the blood that's going to cause the body to attack it now this isn't being studied it's not being checked but we know that the kidneys are starting to be damaged. So we look at this and I start looking at the at the research behind this went to a seminar this weekend with dr. Sherry Tenpenny and she mentioned this article and I thought oh my goodness I gotta get it.

So I looked for half an hour okay trying to research now get this okay published in 1986 it took me a while to find it. This is like gold and in what they had was one type a virulent means that it's not a dangerous type of virus so take one type of herpes virus okay and inject it in mice nothing happens to on the mice perfectly fine they take a different type of herpes virus again it's a virulent not not dangerous inject it into mice nothing happened then they did something unusual they mix the two different viruses and injected it in the mouse. 62% died and then they thought well maybe it's just different types of viruses. So they put a hundred type of one of the not dangerous viruses injected into the mice and the mice were fine. So now it's not the number of individual viruses that cause the damage they were looking at it missus back in 1986 it turns out that if you mix viruses they can turn into a lethal form and what they said is the results show that – a variant this means not dangerous herpes virus variants may interact in vivo that means inside of the body to produce a virulent that means deadly recombinant and a lethal infection.

So that means that if you start mixing viruses and injecting it into an animal they change 1 and 1 does not equal 2 this could be deadly now it has this been studied reproduced they said good god we can't inject the DPT and the MMR or the PVC with with seven different viruses in human beings because that can negatively affect the kidneys or the human or cause a deadly reaction. No this is under the work this took me 45 minutes to find okay and actually a doctor friend gave me the information on it and this was published in the Journal of science. So if the doctor if any doctor out there is giving a flu shot or a vaccine and he is not aware that it can cause kidney damage you need to find a different doctor this is the current schedule as of 2009 81 shots for the time of kid is 6.

That's 81 different proteins minimum they're getting injected into the bloodstream now not all of them are going to keep contained cute issue but what does the kidney do it filters out okay and you're getting toxic products and if the kid is filtering out these or adult you know depending on you know when you're getting this this stuff injected in you it's going to damage the kidneys. It's getting into the bloodstream there's going to be antibodies produced if you damage the kidney is that functional unit called the nephron what's going to happen to blood pressure it's going to increase and what we're seeing in kids today it's like mind boggling we've never seen anything like this is the last generation the last generation that you're going to see because when has anyone ever seen the movie children of men.

There was there was a movie back a few years ago birth rates just stopped you know we went from you know ten thousand kids born a day down to none over about a month and then nobody got pregnant nobody had kids and nobody knew the cause it. Just didn't happen this is coming to reality no one's ever seen a mom with thirty six vaccines who eats genetically modified foods that 36 vaccines multiple antibiotics which are poisonous mold hook up with a guy who's had 36 vaccines each genetically modified foods which damages the DNA and causes multiple toxicities now these two sick people they mate. Now their DNA is altered okay it's altered and some people will say beyond repair ability now their offspring okay how they made is amazing because you know the vaccines in genetically modified food and the plastics are decreasing sperm count rapidly but they do get lucky okay they have a kid. Now this kid comes out of course the moms going to have them at the hospital so the mom is going to get pitocin which is a cow hormone which increases the sensitivity of the kids chance of becoming autistic about sixty percent and and if anyone's wondering if autism rates are increasing and you're going to have these flat earth doctors that say no autism isn't it's just better diagnosed.

We got about 10 years left ok 2025 is when the number of kids with autism will number the kids without it right now currently our arts our society can't support that group of people who are that damaged ok so so when we look at this the moms giving pitocin is this common anybody in the hospital here that works in a hospital nurse anything is pitocin common ok yeah you're talking about 80 percent of the time it's a cow hormone that interrupts the birth process. It causes the kid's head to be jammed up against the cervix that causes a little bit of discomfort for the mom so she's given an epidural and then they pull the kid out causing trauma. Within 12 hours the kids given hepatitis B vaccine is not a sexually active drug but you know it's it's in that it's in the system so you know let's give it to him. Now of course since the moms had all of this she's not going to be producing healthy amounts of milk and the pediatrician who has absolutely no knowledge of nutrition and I say that with the greatest respect one of my best friends he's a brilliant pediatrician but he doesn't vaccinate. He works only on neurologic damage kids. He's educated but I get kids in here with formula given by a pediatrician that I forget pediatrician they're responsible for kids so he should be aware of the damage he's doing right. I could safely call him an ignorant pediatrician ok good so because he gives me this formula that has genetically modified soy and he tells the mom to mix it with water out of the tap and then microwave it.

So you get in fluoridated water that the BPA from the from the plastic you stick it in a microwave heat it up and then you feed it to the child I mean if you have any the most rudimentary knowledge of anatomy and physiology you're going to say that's ridiculous but now this kid okay of course. I've had one month-old on antacids because they're burping this stuff up no that's smart he shouldn't be consuming it and then of course ear infections because of the neck trauma they're given antihistamines and then all of the vaccines day 1 week 2 month 1 month 2 we this is the last generation. In a couple of months a study is coming out that compares vaccinated with unvaccinated kids you will be amazed at not getting these foreign proteins what it does to a human being they're healthy they don't get diseases they don't have asthma autism cancers. It's it's incredible study this right here is the state of health of our kid population 50% of kids today have a chronic illness or disease why because of how they're brought into the world and how we treat them now.

This is vital because this is going out of several different I mean journal Pediatrics archives of general society psychiatry by 2016 60 to 70 percent of American children will be chronically ill obese or infertile. That's two more years so when I say this is the last generation am I being overly dramatic no I can read okay so that we stop this okay if somebody says no you have to get a vaccine to get into school do you have to know and you know how I start a conversation with a parent. You don't need to get vaccinated to get into school what did I just say three times they said you don't need to get vaccinated get into school then you know what I'd say probably 20% of the parents say but don't I need them to get into school? Ah okay no I'm okay this is okay now we've got genetically modified now this is a type of process the government will not help. This has to be done from the grassroots the head guy in the FDA that approved this stuff went over to Monsanto who makes the genetically modified proteins no Obama just hired him he's now head of Food Safety from Monsanto for America so the government obviously is not only as they're not going to help us they're working against the health of the population.

So this needs to be stopped what they're using is they're using a virus or bacteria to bring a piece of a DNA into a cell that's never been done before wait a second wasn't that that that bovine growth that was a foreign protein of the bloodstream wasn't it so foreign proteins and the body have a negative response with the immune system and this is a protein that's genetically altered? So does that mean that foreign proteins what about that herpes study – we had one viral protein and was okay the other viral protein you were okay but if you mix them you get this altered state. That's deadly so does that mean when we start messing with with proteins like viral or bacterial that it can have a deadly combination. Don't answer yet yes this is what's now genetically modified corn cotton soy canola papayas tomatoes oh good reduced nicotine tobacco thank goodness bananas lettuce carrots tobacco. Now they're trying to put vaccines in this now has anyone seen the human studies on this there aren't any the only human study out there is look to the left and look to the right see the health of the population. Yeah I know this is getting dangerous this is the closest one that I've seen to human study.

See a real human study is going to require some human beings to eat it snot eat it then you follow him for a few years to see if there is a change in DNA or health. This was a study out of Quebec it's at a reproductive toxicology 2011 maternal and fetal exposure to pesticides associated to genetically modified foods in an Eastern Township. What this says is there's a toxin called bt toxin. BT corn what it is they developed this toxin that they put inside of a corn plant so when an insect eats the corn it burns holes in his stomach and the insect dies. This is amazing because the BT corn it's not meant for humans you're not going to go down and get Orville Redenbacher BT popcorn because if an insect bites it kills it and in fact it's called an insecticide. Have you ever heard a homicide that was homeless a pians are killed insects are killed insecticide homicide compare that because if it's going to kill an insect. Probably not really good for a human but it's in cattle feed. So what they found was they found this inside of infants that means that the cow ate it it survived the digestive tract of the cow got into the meat of the cow survived the slaughtering process and the cooking. The pregnant mother ate the meat it survived her digestion went through the placental barrier into the child and the kid 80% of them have Bt toxin in their bloodstream.

It kill the insects it destroyed their gastrointestinal tract what was that other one that we just saw that they're modifying bovine serum proteins and it's somehow getting into the intestinal tract. Do you think that the the genetically modified is actually making holes in the intestinal tract these undigested proteins to get in there well we don't know but we know this study we know the other study and I can add okay so this is something that's dangerous this is not just out there it's what everyone is exposed to now. If you blow holes in the intestinal tract and you have undigested proteins in the bloodstream we already know that it can attach to the opiate receptors in the brain that glutens and the caissons and can starve the brain. This means depression bipolar disorder impulse control attention deficit disorder you know we're talking Alzheimer's Parkinson's all of these mental disorders because the gut isn't healthy then major neurologic disorders because we're seeing DNA disruption.

Remember these are foreign proteins that have survived multi generations when that sheet said 2016 infertility and obesity 60 to 70% of our population this is two more years a generation is about 20 years I'll be 70 I'll be the last person alive. I'll be able to see the last child born we can't let this happen. This is done now what they say is exposures like to be higher in the US population has their dietary exposure is likely to be higher than this little tiny village in Quebec. Not only and the article goes on to say not only does the US grow a great deal of corn it went on to say there's a lot of other genetically modified things now. It's interesting the world is starting to get aware of this China refused since November 180,000 tons of grain because it's modified genetically. What do they know that we don't. When I was a kid in the 70s I was so proud to be an American I still AM okay even though it's a corrupt you know government and medical policy and ignorant. I still like the idea you know I like the George Washington kick but on you know the most powerful no offense to the Brits. The most powerful army in the world but you know I mean it was founded on freedom and independence and that's the only thing that's going to save us.

If our population takes back their rights to not vaccinate and choose your own medical care other than that. We're all going to die that's what it says but this here in the 70s we used to ship grain to Russia we shipped grain to China to the starving people and now they're saying now Russia refused shipments China's refusing some shipments what do they know that we don't. Here are a neat study and I gotta apologize for the verbage on this one because it's like there's too many words and slide should have just a little bit of words. Okay but I wanted to show there I'm cutting words out of an article for me is like losing kids. Okay environmental sciences Europe 2011 they're reviewed nineteen different Studies on GMO commercially genetically modified soybeans and corn and what they found the results several convergent data appear to indicate liver and kidney problems as an endpoint of GMO diet effects which revealed that the kidneys were particularly affected.

Concentrating forty three point five percent of all disrupted parameters in males whereas the liver was more disrupted in females that was the study on all studies they have you know what they want to do the methods of how they did it the results and then the conclusions okay and the conclusions I thought were brilliant. I mean the conclusions just makes sense I don't know why Europeans are smarter than Americans the 90-day tests are insufficient to evaluate chronic toxicity this is why most studies that Monsanto has put up has been 90 days 180 days no more than two years because after two years you're seeing massive tumor growth. It highlights this in kidneys and livers that could be the onset of chronic disease wait we're talking about kidneys tonight too okay good so that's appropriate there are no minimum length for the test yet is yet obligatory for any of the GMO cultivated on a large scale and this is social and acceptable in terms of consumer health and protection. There is no government agency that is saying you cannot feed this to animals you cannot feed this to humans unless you do a 3 5 or a 10 year long study there's nothing out there all you can do is look to the left look to the right see the people that are eating this and seeing the neurologic toxic damage and the effect of our population.

We're talking hundreds of thousands of people with kidney damage liver damage bringing damage in neurologic toxicities. We are suggesting that the study should be improved and prolong as well and be made compulsory that makes sense. Monsanto you got to pay for the tests and sexual hormone should be assessed to wait 2016 70 percent of the populated population is going to be infertile. Moreover reproductive and multi-generational studies ought to be conducted. The Bt toxin pass through the cow the pregnant mom and the uterus will it affect the kids how many generations we know in rat studies it goes three generations and by the third generation they're completely sterile. This one here when you're looking up because I always like to see what the mainstream doctors because I mean I am definitely not a mainstream doctor. We get patients from all around the world coming with every condition you could possibly imagine and they get better but I'm not treating with drugs and understanding that the body heals itself. So I decide you know what is the mainstream doc look so I go in kidney disease and I go on to the National Institute of Health. God's site ok gov and show so here it is they say kidney damage well actually before this most medications are tolerated very well by a large portion of the population then underneath kidney damage from some medications poisons or infections medications that can harm kidneys include antibiotics pain medications blood pressure medications particularly ACE inhibitors and x-ray fur dyes or dyes for x-rays.

I'm thinking okay that makes sense you know the blood pressure drugs are dangerous and toxic antibiotics are poisonous. Molde you know and answer that makes sense then I look underneath that let's see the treatment for kidney disease involves controlling blood pressure recommending ACE inhibitors so then I go up it causes it down it reach it up it causes now the kidneys hurt when you get kidney damage what's going to be prescribed pain reliever. How many people with pain in a kidney aren't going to urinate on a strip or get a culture or anything else. Kidney pain must be an infection how what's the primary role for a suspected infection are they going to do a culture are they going to prescribe a antibiotic. This is a self-induced disease this is a man-made disease caused by the environmental stimulus of the toxicities from the vaccines the drugs and the therapies and the food supply. Does that make sense this isn't something you catch this is something you earn this right here we're going to call this epigenetic air control above the genes. What does that mean that you can control gene expression we're already seeing gene expression altered through medications. Medications will alter the expression of the genes environmental stimulus will alter the expression of the genes if you're exposed to multiple toxicities multiple foreign viral proteins such as the GMO or the vaccines your body is going to express certain genes typically neurotoxic genes or genes are going to affect the health.

This is a person standing up straight do you think they're going to have neurotoxic effects yeah this is a loss of curve this gal came from Canada and she has multiple joint problems. The other gal came from New York she's got multiple areas where half of the body's not working both of these were diagnosed with bizarre neurologic conditions and everything that you can imagine. Guess what's going to happen to both they get the gal on the left's been here for about seven weeks she can now walk with less pain she can now her arms were frozen like this she can now bend to about 15 degrees okay and this is only just a month and a half. What's their potential for recovery 100% yeah 100% why because we're doing control above the genes how does a gene express itself how does a gene change protein you put different stimulus in. If I was to scare you your body would produce cortisol adrenaline if I was to watch a happy movie okay your body would produce beautiful immune system stimulants if I was to give you poison your body would sacrifice itself in order to deal with those poisons. Does that make sense because that's what's happening up here this right here we need healthy blood supply if you have anything that damages the arteries okay such as toxic food diabetes and homogenized dairy that's going to damage the arteries. It's going to close it off you're looking at compressed artery on the Left you're looking at a clear artery on the right.

This was cleared by plant products so any doctor that diagnoses you with high blood pressure say no my body is adapting why is my blood pressure higher anybody that diagnoses you with high cholesterol that's beyond foolish. I just had a patient today high cholesterol low testosterone skin disorder okay skin disorder he's got he's got these pustular lesions that grow flake and fall off. He's got them all over his body so what are they giving him for that don't say steroid you're right steroid. How did you know okay steroid to decrease the inflammation so does that change his employment flama Tori responds yes okay now he's got all these lesions everywhere is that damage to the tissue is that inflammatory. Yeah so his body's going to produce cortisol which is the greatest anti-inflammatory around so what's going to have to happen to his cortisol levels they have to go up now you build cortisol out of cholesterol so what would this guy with these multiple skin lesions have to have in order to solve this skin issue. Should he have the normal levels of cholesterol or high levels of cholesterol high levels of cholesterol he's got tissue damage and then they give it now he's got multiple lesions do you think he needs to increases metabolic response to this. Yeah so should as blood pressure be normal or higher higher so what do they do they give them a blood pressure lower drug a cholesterol-lowering drug and give them steroids what's he what's his end result like 15 years of this okay this did we we got a look at this we got a look at epigenetic control how does a drug affect your gene expression how does the tylenol affect the gene expression.

How does it genetically amount of food expect it sex affect gene expression say that three times really fast okay when you look at this this is a mechanical obstruction they're trying to do a mechanical solution instead of asking why we're arteries clogged in. The first place since tissue has always regenerated how do we clean tissue you clean it through soluble fibers through plant-based diet and you can say it can't be that simple but it is the body is designed to heal so people with neurologic damage what are we going to do plant-based diet extra water and now we're going to stimulate the nerves. Yes sir yes it makes sense doesn't it epigenetic control this means and is that of the metabolism clinical and experimental consequences for modern medicine or profound because it would imply that our current understanding of pharmacology is an oversimplification. That is about the biggest understatement that a person can ever say this means every medication that alters physiology alters gene expression or is going to cause a defense mechanism. The body this is why half our population as diabetes y 1/3 has cancer no that half our population has cancer 1/3 of diabetes sorry no I mean eventually those numbers are all equal out so we need to change it now. This right here it seems like it's too simple but American Journal of Epidemiology hi broccoli consumption was associated with fewer heart attack risks one serving of extra fresh fruit a day. I mean it's in the journal 125,000 healthcare workers found that one extra serving of vegetables broccoli kale and you might say that's too simple but the body is simple.

How do we regenerate the nervous system we take pressure awful we give exercises to stimulate sensory input to the brain does that cause the brain to grow new connections yeah there's a neuroplasticity. The brain we all know people that have had strokes what happens they can rewire the brain they can regrow new connections and they get better so it seems too simple and everybody knows the kiss. Keep it simple silly now don't you stupid keep it simple silly. What causes this toxic exposure from foods drugs medical procedures and the environment does that make sense that's pretty much. How do you fix it well don't do the first part okay don't get poisonous food don't get poisonous medical procedures medicine is only for temporary you know emergency care don't get crazy and medical procedures and avoid a toxic environment. The other one restore normal function I know it seems too easy but this is true now on your handout on your handout because this is what we're all supposed to do this is good stuff bad stuff this explains that high blood pressure our lower death rates. If you have the arterial damage this explains that the astronaut a is crazy if people are taking blood thinners here's an article to explain to that. The medical profession that dark green leafy vegetables are not dangerous see in crazy world they're going to say if you're taking blood thinners you can't take dark green leafy vegetables. Has anyone seen a warning at farmers markets back away we got kale it's going to clog your arteries baby okay it's silly okay so this explains that you can use one so little words to communicate to people that don't understand humans. Okay and this is optimal health and depth both have those symptoms do not wait for kidney damage before you start to do something does that make sense. You have it if you're in this environment you got it I can get it every day but I just had vegetable juice for lunch so I'm probably okay and I'm not going to eat genetically modified stuff.

So you know it's very simple stuff now now this right here all of these powerpoints everything is available on our owner get owner's guide site okay even if you're not a patient you get it for free for seven days. Our handouts are available we gotta set spread this information. America was great once okay right now it's toxic and sick and other countries aren't even accepting the food that we feed our own people. We're trying to export the sickness so we can't do that what caused the revolution. To have us win before the people by god you're all Minutemen okay we're now part of the war we can reverse disease how by respect in the body and if we're if we're really good at this we're going to take back America. Then we're going to take over the world yeah baby okay revolution is on thank you very much no okay now next week we're going to talk about the Rafah piece.

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