How to Cure Infant and Breastfeeding Thrush Naturally

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Learn How to Cure Infant and Breastfeeding Thrush Quickly and Naturally

“Dangerous Medication That Doctors Prescribe for Infant Thrush Can Cause Severe Health Problems and Still Do Nothing to Cure Yeast Overgrowth”

“It Took Me Years of Suffering, and Pouring Through Every Resource Available to Find an All Natural Treatment for Yeast Overgrowth That is 100% Drug Free, Safe and Works Quickly…

I’ll never forget when the pediatrician told me my sweet little baby was suffering from oral thrush. It was like re-living my worst nightmare!

After more than twenty years of misery caused by this silent enemy, I had found a cure for my own yeast overgrowth and thought the worst was over. Having been symptom-free for several years, I foolishly believed I had it beat.

Although I wasn’t experiencing any symptoms, my newborn daughter had a white coating on her lips and tongue – and the memory of my own battle with this vicious problem came rushing back to me…

My struggle with yeast likely started the exact same way – as infant thrush I contracted from my mother. While Mom thought it simply cleared it up when the symptoms went away, the Candida quietly invaded my body and caused me debilitating symptoms for years. Headaches, exhaustion, and irritability were a way of life.

Well into in my twenties, after seeing doctor after doctor, I was diagnosed with a severe case of candida overgrowth. The doctor prescribed an anti-fungal medicine that was supposed to be a quick cure-all.

While my symptoms started to ease, I also lost twenty pounds, my hair began falling out, and I even stopped having periods. I found out later that this drug could cause irreversible liver damage. (The pharmaceutical industry STILL markets this drug and has prevented me from naming it here.)

Even when I finally knew what I was up against, it took numerous doctors’ visits, months of research, and dozens of different “cures” before I finally… finally… found something that gave me back my health and did not harm me in the process.

The pediatrician was quick to prescribe flucanozole for my baby girl, but I had learned the hard way to ask questions first…

Children are not simply mini-adults.What is risky for grown ups can actually cause permanent damage to an infant’s delicate system. And drug companies rarely complete studies on children, so physicians rely on the “it hasn’t killed anyone yet” philosoply when prescribing medication to kids.

No way was I going to blindly follow the doctor’s advice. I went home and started asking questions. I knew that if my daughter had thrush, then she got it from me.

I started searching for answers – but the results were so frustrating. I even asked a midwife I knew what to do.

The best the midwife could offer was a pamphlet that said the thrush would go away over time if you “Boil your bras and underwear, wash your bedding and towels in hot water every single day, wash your nipples after nursing…

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