Freedom From Moles, Warts or Skin Tags- Safely Remove your moles, warts or Skin Tags Using Natural Methods

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From The Desk Of: Mike Cooper Subject: Removing Moles, Warts and Skin Tags Without Surgery

You already know how anxious you become when a wart, mole or skin tag appears. You feel angry that the last revolutionary medication you tried or the latest medical procedure didn't cure your problem. You paid good money for results and are disappointed. I was exactly like you before discovering natural remedies that work time and time again.

My name is Mike Cooper and I have suffered from moles and warts for over 10 years. My condition seriously affected my self-esteem and I found myself avoiding public functions out of embarrassment. My life simply didn't exist and I felt like a prisoner in my own home, until I found a cure.

I have always had a mole since birth, but it didn't bother me as it was small and easily covered up. My problems began just after graduating college. I was really nervous about a job interview and couldn't sleep the night before. When I got up to have a shower and get ready for the interview I noticed several small growths on my hands.

At first I thought the growths were hives due to anxiety, but later my doctor told me they were warts. This is when I really took notice as I remember how awkward I felt during that interview and how much my confidence had been affected. I didn't want to suffer like that again. I wanted to get rid of the warts permanently.

My doctor prescribed some cream and it cured my warts within 7 days. I was happy they had gone, but the cream was also finished.

After a couple of months I noticed more growths on my hands. I instantly recognized them as warts and rushed down to the pharmacy to buy the same cream. It wasn't available and instead I was given a new cream that promised quick results. It was expensive, but it did work and I was happy again.

As my warts kept coming back I found it more and more expensive to keep treating them. I wanted a permanent solution. I spoke with my doctor about having wart removal surgery and was advised it was effective, but didn't prevent warts from growing back again. I didn't want to spend even more money by going down that route and I basically quit trying.

I got a phone call out of the blue from an old college friend Heather. We were best friends at college but had lost touch after a while. This call changed my life forever.

Heather knew I kept getting warts and wanted to know if I had solved my problem. I told her I hadn't and she excitedly told me she could cure them using natural home remedies. I desperately wanted to find out more.

I made arrangements to meet for coffee to catch up and find out how to cure my warts. I took a biro and notepad to make notes…

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