Castor oil for detoxing…jacked up.

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Castor oil for detoxing…

Looking to jack up your detoxing regime? Toronto Nutritionist & Acupuncturist, Melissa Ramos teaches you how to do castor oil packs with a great little addition.

Hey everyone its Melissa Ramos nutritionist acupuncture and owner and creator of sexy food therapy. In this video, I want to speak to you about a product that I absolutely adore.

In fact, when I used to struggle with the ovarian cyst I could have sworn by this because it helped me so much. One time when I used it actually bursts one of my cysts and while that may not sound very pleasant it was better that it helped to rupture it because what this product does it increase circulation.

The product I'm talking about is castor oil. In today's video, I'm going to be doing one little addition to it that will actually help to boost the effects for a liver detoxification. So, here we go so in this video we're going to be putting the castor oil directly on our liver. You see when it comes to gynecological issues it's really damning imported to take care of the liver if you don't you'll struggle a lot with trying to resolve with hormonal issues.

Here's the thing castor oil can be really messy I mean it's goopy and you have to soak this flannel path really so good to me put it on your abdomen and let it soak through. The reason why to get you to do that is because they want this consistent stream of castor oil to go into your skin so you read the full benefits. I'm just going to help get you to put directly on your skin and every 10 minutes I want you to reapply it.

Ok guys so, I'm laying down and this is the position that you want to be in when you put the castor oil. First I want to be able to show you where the liver is. Know this makes the basic tips and some of you out there but for a lot of people they don't know so, I'm going to show you. Your liver happens to be on this side so right there on the top right quadrant of the abdominal wall.

So what I wanted to do to sort of super Jack this entire process is you're going to get a picture of milk thistle and your to put several drops within the area before it drips off you're going to massage it on. Then from there you're going to put the castor oil on top nice and gloopy. The reason why we're doing this for attacking this from the outside also from the inside because you can take milk thistle internally as well. Well, that's your video tutorial for today on an oil that I think is a must when it comes to detoxing.

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