What Kind of Bad Breath Do You Have?

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It should really come as no surprise to you that halitosis may come about as result of many different underlying problems. This is the case in anything that happens within the body and most things that we recognize are not really the problem that we are dealing with, they are merely a symptom. If you have bad breath, you might be interested in a way in which you can tell what is causing the bad breath so that you can treat it from there. Here are some common things that you can look for.

Of course, the first thing you should do is to pick up your oral hygiene little bit and to really try and treat it in that way. Brushing your teeth a little more often along with flossing, taking care of your gums and brushing your tongue are all excellent ways to treat a regular case of halitosis. You might also consider gargling on a regular basis with some salt water in order to flush out any bacteria that may be causing the problem on the back of your tongue.

If this does not solve the problem, you might want to recruit the help of a friend in order to try and discover what is causing it. The reason why I say you might want to use a friend for this is because they are going to have to smell your breath which is something that a stranger would not usually be willing to do. What they are going to look for is a certain type of odor that will determine whether the halitosis may be coming from an internal problem. A fruity smell typically means that you have a problem with blood sugar and it is being caused by ketosis. A urine smell means that you have a problem with your kidneys. Treating these naturally can be a little bit difficult but if you are successful in doing so, the halitosis were usually disappear along with it.

Finally, you may want to see if you still have bad breath if you're breathing through your nose. This commonly occurs because we have a problem with our sinuses, such as an infection. Regular nasal rinsing is one way of treating this problem naturally and if we are successful at keeping the infection away, the halitosis will also disappear along with it.