Test Your Own Breath and Cure It Naturally – Learn How

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Almost all of us have been concerned that one time or another as to whether our breath is offensive to other people

One of the more unfortunate things about human body is the fact that our noses very rarely is able to smell our own breath. Almost all of us have been concerned that one time or another as to whether our breath is offensive to other people. We tend to do things such as cupping our hand over our nose and mouth in order to try and breathe in our own breath. Unfortunately, the nose has a way of overcoming the scent and it is difficult for us to be able to tell whether it is offensive or not.

If you would like to be able to test your own breath and see what other people are smelling, there is a way that you are able to do so. Here are two different things that you can do in order to smell your own breath but don't be surprised to find out that your breath is actually as offensive as what you had thought it was.

The first way to test your breath is to lick your wrist, wait about five seconds and then smell the area where you licked

This gives you some kind of an indication of what your breath smells like at the end of your tongue. You should also take a spoon and gently scrape the back of your tongue in order to get some of the residue. Smell this after a few seconds of it being out of your mouth and you will have an even better idea of how your breath smells to other people.

If you try this test and are unhappy with the results, there are some ways that you can treat the problem. Since this tests to see how the odor on the inside of your mouth is, it is often easy to fix the problem with some oral hygiene that we would use on a regular basis. Doing things such as brushing our teeth more regularly, flossing everyday and brushing our tongue whenever we brush our teeth are all excellent ways to make sure that our breath is as clean as possible.

If you try these things and are unable to overcome your problem with bad breath, it may be as a result of tooth decay or perhaps even gum disease. If this is the case, try switching to a more natural toothbrush and toothpaste to see if it gets rid of the problem for you.

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