Coffee – Great in the Cup Bad on Your Breath

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One of the best things that you can drink on a regular basis, both for your health and for your breath is water. Unfortunately, very few of us drink enough water on a daily basis and as a matter of fact, we may be drinking other things that are causing dehydration within the body and bad breath within our mouth. A good example of this is coffee. Many of us drink coffee in the morning in order to wake up but some of us drink coffee throughout the entire day and this can be a big problem for us, in many different ways.

First of all, coffee is one of the main culprits as far as halitosis is concerned. It tends to taste good whenever it is in the cup and is certainly smells good whenever we are brewing it but after we drink it, it leaves a lingering odor on our breath that is rather unpleasant to anybody that can smell it. This, in itself, is not typically enough to get people to stop drinking the morning cup of coffee but they may consider doing some things in order to clean their mouth after the coffee has been consumed.

Another problem with drinking coffee throughout the day is that it often dehydrates us which can also cause halitosis. Dehydration is the main reason that we have morning breath, because it allows bacteria to grow within our mouth whenever our salivary glands are not working at optimum levels. If we are dehydrating ourself because we're drinking too much coffee and not enough water, we are causing the same problem throughout the day. This bacteria can grow to numbers that can be rather offensive, and there is little that we can do in order to prevent it if we continue to be dehydrated.

To sum it up, it is not a bad thing if you want to enjoy a cup of coffee from time to time. If you're going to have coffee, however, make sure that you are able to clean your mouth afterwards and that you drink an additional cup of water in order to compensate for the dehydration effect of the caffeine. Doing these two things is going to help you to keep the bad breath away, even though you're enjoying one of the drinks that is notorious for causing halitosis in us in the first place.