Candy Breath Mints – A Temporary Fix

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What is the first thing that you do whenever you discover that you have bad breath? For most of us, it is a matter of going out and getting some breath mints in order to cover up the odor. You might be surprised to learn that a breath mint, although effective at making our breath smell better is not really going to treat the problem that you are dealing with in many cases. As a matter of fact, it often only covers over a more serious problem that is manifesting itself through your breath. What are some of these problems?

The most common reason that we have bad breath is because of problems with our mouth. The human mouth is home to countless types of bacteria, many of which actually serve a useful purpose. Unfortunately, they can also emit an odor that causes our bad breath. Dump the breath mints and begin brushing and flossing regularly. Don't ignore the tongue as this is often the culprit when it comes to halitosis. If you haven't been to a dentist in a while, make an appointment. Tooth decay, gum disease and abscess may be at the root of your problem.

Some more serious problems that may be causing your bad breath are diabetes, liver and kidney problems and a lung infection. All of these problems typically cause bad breath because they are releasing toxins into the bloodstream. As the blood filters through the lungs, these toxins are released and passed through the mouth or nose on their way out. This can cause bad breath in many of us and covering it over with a breath mint might just allow the condition to continue unchecked.

One more problem that you might be dealing with is something that no amount of breath mints would cure. This is a problem with a sinus infection, and the odor that is causing the halitosis is actually coming out of your sinuses, not your mouth. The way that you can tell if this is the problem is by having someone check your breath when you are breathing through your nose. Although this isn't something that just anyone would do, it can help you to identify a problem that should be taken care of.

All of these problems should be addressed directly. Simply covering over the problem with the breath but is only going to allow the problem to continue and perhaps even get worse in the process.

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