4 Main Causes of Halitosis

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For those of us that have to deal with bad breath, you might be interested in knowing exactly what is causing it. Although there are dozens of different reasons why we may be dealing with halitosis, more than likely you're going to fit into one of these categories. Some of them can easily be treated at home and others need to be treated by either a dentist or a doctor. Here are the top 4 reasons why we deal with bad breath.

The first reason is because we do not take proper care of our dental hygiene. It is not simply enough for us to brush her teeth on a regular basis although this is an excellent place to start. We also need to make sure that we are flossing regularly as well is gargling with either a commercial mouthwash or with salt water. This is usually your first line of defense against any bad breath that you may be experiencing.

A second reason why we deal with halitosis is because of an underlying cause that is going on within the body. Specifically, I'm referring to kidney disease, diabetes and problems with the liver. Each of these different types of underlying causes will create a different type of halitosis. For example, if your breath smells fruity, it may be a result of ketosis from diabetes. On the other hand, if your breath has a urine smell then it could be a problem with your kidneys.

Another reason why we may have halitosis doesn't have anything to do with the mouth at all. If we suffer from chronic sinus infections, this infection can easily cause an odor which can be mistaken for bad breath. The odor can either come out of her nostrils or it may be as a result of drainage from the sinuses into the back of our throat. If you have a problem with yoursinuses, no breath mint is going to cover over it.

Finally, it may be as a result of an infection in the lungs. A build up of bacteria in the lungs can create odor which is expelled through the mouth and recognized as halitosis.

In any of these cases, you should make sure that you are trying to cure the underlying cause and not simply to treat the symptom. That is really the only way you are ever going to be completely free from halitosis.