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New innovations. We really work hard on finding some of the top new lodges in the world. l am so proud to launch this one. You may have heard of this idea of electric — chiropractor uses on me all of the time. Certainly, we have had different units here they are very successful. That is what this next one is all about. The completely different approach that no one has ever offered before starting from beef your feet up which is pretty exciting. We are so excited to have the founder of the company josh penny here was actually going to what this system is all about. Come on now josh penny, how are you? Are you coming this way or going that way? You guys have really done something that no one else has thought of before you take before y something that we are familiar with in terms of chiropractic use, muscle stimulation and you begin from our feet and work.

Absolutely. This is innovation Suzanne Runyan. I am very excited to be here and to be able to in the united states on hsn. This is extremely popular in the UK, Australia, Canada, worldwide. About 10,000 retail. Really helping people with their circulation. The stock about what it does and we will talk about(…) Entire aching legs and feet are legs starting to really start to affect your daily life(. Life(…) stopping you from doing more of the fun things in life whether it is getting out, going for walks in the park, playing with the grandkids then this is our solution.

It is the circulation booster — REVITIVE Circulation Booster

. To help keep you active. Clinically proven electrical muscle stimulation through the footpath. What they do is is– foot going to get the muscles in your legs working. Pumping your blood back through your legs. Foot pads are going to relieve those aches and pains in your legs and feet.

What is really cool about this you get pads as well. Start your feet and you work all the way up. You can actually do it at the exact same time. It is 3 things. The burly increase the circulation in your muscles which he talked about. Then it goes to the next level, stimulates healthy muscles to improve performance. Of course, you want to see that in just a minute when we show you.

The third part which is really cool why that blew me away, if it is a key elbow, you have got the pouch in the back, you have got something going on on the shoulder, that site area when you are hunched over a computer all day. The pads that you include in this you allow you at the same time to be able to work different areas. I love what you said earlier today. He said if it is your husband aching back, it is your feet and legs, you both can do it because you can control it separately. If you want to do 2 things at once you can or you and I can use it together here that is the game changer. Also, notice it comes with the remote which I thought was brilliant! It runs on batteries. You can actually control(…) You do not have to be bending over to address the intensity. Adjust sit back and relax it is something you have some really got to try for yourself is something yo for everybody. Someone has got sore, aching legs, your husband has got a bad back.

Perfect. You can literally do it at the same time which I same t thought was awesome. Let's show them how it works! All right Terry Andrea–. Is so easy and simple to use. Obviously, it just plugs into a power socket. Use bare feet on the device. It does not vibrate, it is supplying a clinically proven muscle stimulation. As Andrea is operating in from the remote control. Maybe if we start by, honestly(…) you can increase or decrease the intensity. You can do it manually by touching the actual machine. Control from ma the center unit here or from the remote control. Absolutely. As we can see Andrea is increasing it. She is on intensity number 22, 25 now. So what is now? So happening at the moment is these electrical stimulation is being applied through these black footpads and it is going right up through her legs. Is that which is getting the muscles I in her feet, also her calf muscle contracting. When the muscle is contracting it is working, pumping the blood pumping through the legs and feet.

Now as you can see it is the device is rocking like that. It is not Andrea who is doing that, the device is that doing that. When a doing muscle contractor told dip down– toes. When it relaxes it rocks back again. They just give us some foot and ankle movement which is another key for improving circulation. That is amazing you know what I love about this unit too, a lot of times in the past, you get 12 pads with this, you have to this. With the footpads, you do not have to replace anything you rep just keep using it. Absolutely. Just clean it with like soapy water, damp cloth.

The main device has 4 pads in it. It comes with 4 pads. 2 wires. Andrea has connected them. Now she is going to set this different than what she does on her feet? That is why you can control the intensity differently. You want it a lot stronger in your legs and a little bit softer through the body pads. You can do in exactly yo the same time or you can use it separately. Let's say I've got to come home, I am on my feet all day long my feet are aching, my legs are aching.

Also I on my feet and I am going to mostly use my arms and shoulders are just tight. Can I take the pads and put them on my shoulders and said battles and set the feet for something different? Probably my favorite, because I sit at a computer all day long, bad posture. My arms are out there and I get a lot of tension in my neck muscles. I put these pads right on the muscle bear– there and I get a very deep massage. Also when you think about the cost when I go to get my chiropractor they have these really big expensive big machines that they use that really did is getting actually more benefits than that. He certainly does not have a foot machine. Normally they would apply these, those patches adhesive patches they would normally put those on the soul of the feet.

We have designed a device to have this large electron. Rather than a small electronic on the sole of the foot, you're covering the whole foot. Your foot has thousands of thousands of nerve endings. What is happening is a small mild electrical impulse is emulating the nerve. By stimulating the nerve and being giving muscle contraction. Every unit– minute as you can see Andrea every minute it is changing simulation. We really optimize the muscle contraction.

Not only on the features that you can see, the features that you can't. Clinically proven weight– waveforms. Also with the isorocker base as well to give you some foot movement. We have had some wonderful unit that you have the past, they have been very successful. This is the first time we have done it(…) I find it(…) fantastic because I have had professional athletes you always see them on the machines.

They have the benefits of both. I can also work on the circulation of your feet. Think about it, where your heart is to you where your feet is a long way down. A is a lot of people do have circulation in their lower(…) Exactly. It is always working against gravity as well. That is right. You haven't to pump the blue appeal. So normally when you walk, your calf muscle is naturally popping, contracting. Honestly, we are sitting–plumping for long periods and so the blood in the foot gets down to the feet so divided circulation booster is a — revitive circulation booster given the foot and the calf muscle to pump. Have you got discovered since we are more sanitary than ever before that people have more issues than ever before? Have you noticed that because we said so much now? Physiologically we were not designed to fit around. So we have more issues. In today's modern life. Innovative solutions like the circulation booster can really play a role in keeping us active.

You get the rocker and you get all of the past to go with it. Please remember this is very different than other items we have the shown that I'll like this. You're getting the best of both worlds. You have his brand-new concept of pay, let's work on the feet. As you said too why do we love to have our feet massaged? This is not a massage unit I want to clarify that. We have so many nerve endings on our feet, that is why we beg people to massage our feet. This is will o be on that. It is not a massager. This is an ems system or your lower extremities, for your legs for circulation. Le and you get all of the pads, plug-in and now it is a shoulder issue. If you have got that elbow issue, maybe it is your wrist that is bothering you are typing all day, doing the repetitive motion.

You can use the pads appear separately and use the feet at the same time. I want my feet done my husband says man, my shoulder is killing me I can plug it in any can use the pads on his shoulder while you're having the experience on your feet. Really amazing, this is a game changer. This is something, unlike anything we have offered before. I love the foot pacific with two because it is my desire– isolated around a couple of towels or ankle.– your entire foot is placed on you. Affecting the circulation and muscle emulation all the way up your calf area.

You saw that in the animation. — stimulation remember this is remember designed also to temporarily relieve pain. I think they did it really is my pain even for 5 min. When eve they be awesome! Every time you put this on just to get that better, you have got a lower back issue and you like a man every morning I wake up is just kidding me I may killing me— I can hardly move around with the pads on your back and put it on your feet at the same time. I think with this josh you're kind of getting a full body answer now from your feet working following up to your shoulder area which is huge. There is nothing else out there like this. We worked for many years(…) This is our fourth version. It has been hugely successful. We have created we have something new, a new category.

1 million things for pain relief. But if you go to your doctor or the drugstore and say I've got for circulation, my circulation I need a little bit of a boost. Boost. We have created this new category for circulation and by increasing circulation that we are relieving those aches and pains in our legs and feet. It has been very successful in Australia, UK, Europe. Now it is here in the US after getting the FDA clearance. Do you know how hard it is to get US approval? I do not want to know what you guys went through. It cost a ton of research and a lot of work to say this isn't FDA cleared device. That is the pike's peak. The epicenter of time to get something weird in the U.S. That is a big deal. My friend, we get it home and see for yourself. If you have thoughts about them, you go to a chiropractor, a doctor that uses it. Get it home. Now josh and his team have taken it to a whole new level. When you think about it the feet are so vital.

The feet are everything. Our legs are everything. We talk about that with the today's special. Our youth are everything. That lower extremity if it is not working you're in a chair, you are not moving. If you're circulation in your legs feel better. Everything you do throughout the day is going to be better. It really is a slippery slope if you cannot get around more comfortably, you cannot exercise. This is the beauty of revitive circulation booster. You cannot get through that place it is a slippery slope, the rest of your help will collapse simply because you cannot move around as actively as you used to. Whether it is lower back, knee pain, shoulder pain, like you said behind your shoulders where you are hunched over a computer, if you can't even get a temporary relief, is in a particular mark if it is really big issue 5 min.

Or five hours is m in a particular mark you can use this whenever you want. To be able to get that relief, oh my gosh you feel so much better to ask mark what–! Are some of the reactions that you have gotten because I am fascinated by it? I actually wanted to get on this but we do not have an extra, not a sample. I was like I sam want to know what this feels like! That is okay, later. We have thousands of reviews from all around the world, probably one of my favorites came from Ontario Canada is that it is like a continued faith.

My parents were age 69 and 70(…) in south America last year, hugely active, they really use this device while they are watching tv. Certainly, prepare for it. It is a muscle stimulator. Working those muscles as well. Helping to improve the muscle performance as well. Also remember what we are doing today we are so proud to have the United States launch. It is not available anywhere else in the United States. Get it home. I think when people see innovation like this you are like me you are skeptical, is it going to work, what is going to do we allow you a full 30 days to try it out. It is not helping to temporarily reduce the pain in your body, if you are not seeing results, you can always fit in that for a full refund.

It is time to say,(…) you are really desperate for a potential solution, why would you try it? That is kind of how I feel. I've had some we have som testimonials you want to go through that now, alright so check this out. My husband and I use revitive every day it has made a big difference. Well, that's one more box together again. My kids bout it for me as a gift, now I can get around much better without the pain. It does exactly what it says on the box it is great! I love that one too. It does what it too says on the box how clever! That is important. I think what is very exciting that we get on the air and say it has FDA cleared a medical device. That is actually a very big actual deal.

I know josh is being very modest about this. That is really this hard to get! It is very hard to be able to get and I know probably josh and his team has been there to bring it into the United States. The hugely popular already in Canada, Australia, UK, it is 10,000 drugstores worldwide. A couple of things to remember number one look at how cool this look. That is so exciting it is exciting brand-new. Your back controls on the foot unit. You also have the same control on the remote controls. You do not want to be over, you do not have to. The do an another thing that I think is so different than anything else that we have offered you can use it multiple ways. If you want, you are also getting 12 of the pads.

They usually offer 4, you are getting 12 in yo our configuration. With the pads in Michigan to your feet and your shoulders at the same time. It is the elbow that is just getting you write?– right my wrist is really hurting because I am on a computer, doing work, in motion all day. The pads can be used elsewhere. Or if you want to use the feet and maybe your partner is complaining about some more back issue, the partner can use the pads, you can us set its intensity for use the partner and a different intensity for you using it on your feet. It is a totally different ballgame in this configuration. This quite frankly I'm I've had never had anything like this on hsn. We like have got about 2 min. Of the josh smith do this best take it from the be the top — bottom to the top.