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Fitbit Alta REVIEW!Fitbit Alta Review! This is Fitbit's latest activity tracker and sleep tracker. This has a huge emphasis on build quality, style, design, and just being a solid fitness tracker. Do I think it is the best fitness tracker 2016 or best activity tracker 2016? That's a hard call. Obviously, it's a person-by-person decision, but it at least has to be in the running. I have done many Fitbit reviews and activity trackers reviews and I feel confident in saying that I really like this device, but I do not love it. I wish there was a button and I wish the fitness features were more prominent. No, stay tuned because I will be doing a Fitbit Alta vs. blaze and Fitbit Alta vs. charge hr video in the future. Hopefully very soon!!

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Motivation is your best accessory with Fitbit Alta—a customizable fitness tracker designed to fit your personal style . Stay motivated by tracking all-day activity like steps, distance, calories burned and active minutes, and get credit for your workouts with SmartTrack automatic exercise recognition. At night, track your sleep and set a silent alarm to wake better and get your best rest. No matter where you’re headed, the easy-to-read OLED screen keeps your goals in focus with stats, time, and call or text notifications on display. And with accessory wristbands in metal, leather, and sport, help you find the right style for every occasion. Wear fitness your way with Fitbit Alta. we recently updated our firmware to make the time easier to read. The new Alta firmware includes a change to the way the number “0” is displayed at the front of the time when the tracker's orientation is set to vertical and the time is only three digits. For example, in this orientation “1:30” would appear as “01:30” and the first zero will now appear dotted, or dithered, rather than solid. This is intended to make the time easier to read.

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