Lymphatic Drainage Ginger Oil

Lymphatic Drainage Ginger Oil

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Hey, guys. Today I'll be going over ginger essential oil, all of its benefits, how to use it on a daily basis, and we'll be talking about . . . One of them is actually a ginger essential oil and is something called Lymphatic Drainage Ginger Oil which is similar to essential oil but actually has even more compounds. This is what I recommend mostly for external use. But let's go and dive in and talk about ginger essential oil. Ginger has been used for thousands of years both in Ayurvedic medicine and Chinese medicine. The greatest benefits of ginger come from its anti-inflammatory properties due to several compounds, one of those compounds being zingiberene. And so zingiberene is actually the active compound in ginger similar to curcumin being the active compound in turmeric and this compound has tremendous benefits.

One of the things it would do for people with any type of digestive issues or cold issues, and if somebody has coldness and digestive issues, an example of that would be irritable bowel syndrome or diarrhea in certain cases. But if somebody has those issues, they would have them do ginger tea every morning. So we know ginger, the anti-inflammatory benefits are tremendous. And what I want to go over here today are the seven benefits of using ginger oil on a daily basis. Now, when using ginger oil, what you can simply do, now, if you're buying an essential oil, make sure that it is certified organic or therapeutic grade, you want to make sure it's a high-quality oil. And along with that oil, you also want to make sure that they followed organic farming practices at the same time.

So what I do with ginger oil is I'll typically just do one to two drops in a meal and consume it that way. So again, I will do a small amount internally of its therapeutic grade but only with food in most cases. The CO2 extract ginger oil is also incredible to use. So let's go and dive in.

Number one benefit of ginger oil is digestion. Again, for a lot of people, and within Chinese medicine, your body can be too hot or too cold, too dry or too damp and so what you typically want to do if somebody has candida or fungal issues or digestive issues, you typically want to lightly warm the body and you want to dry the body. Well, ginger has both of those properties. So again, using ginger is great for digestion especially with people with SIBO, that's small intestinal bacteria overgrowth, IBS, Crohn's disease, colitis, leaky gut syndrome, all of those digestive conditions can benefit from using ginger oil on a daily basis.

Now the other benefit of ginger is just simply smelling it, you can also add it into a hot tea, just a single drop. Now, you don't want to do too many essential oils that contain a lot of these volatile compounds. If you do too large amounts of them, they can actually start to tox the liver and even the digestive tract. But overall, in small amounts, an oil like ginger can be very healthy to do internally.

The number two there is inflammation. We know most diseases today are inflammatory in nature. Think about this, anything with an I-T-I-S at the end, in Latin means “inflammation.” So arthritis, that's inflammation of your joints. Ulcerative colitis, colitis is inflammation of your colon. In fact, heart disease today isn't caused by high cholesterol. Your body lays down cholesterol because you have inflammation, your arteries. So ginger is great for fighting all of these conditions because of the compounds gingerols as well as zingiberene, the anti-inflammatory properties. Now when you taste ginger root today or any type of ginger, you're going to notice it has a really strong bite. But I ask you this question, have you ever done a ginger shot? It really has this kick at the end, that spiciness, that's from zingiberene. The longer you cook ginger in terms of the temperature, the more that starts to fade, that compound, and actually turns into a different compound. But that's why doing actually raw ginger or things that are cold pressed like a cold press CO2 extract often times have that really strong ginger bite there at the end.

Number three is cancer. Ginger falls in the same family as two other herbs, turmeric and galangal and that entire family of herbs have really powerful anti-cancer properties. In fact, ginger oil and this zingiberene compound is part of the family called sesquiterpenes which are compounds found in essential oils that have massive anti-cancer properties. They also tend to be very grounding. So if you ever fly anywhere and you tend to get jet lag, doing herbs that are grounding in nature that have that sesquiterpenes properties such as myrrh oil, a lot of sort of wood and tree oils like cedarwood, vetiver, those really earthy woody smelling oils are very grounding to the body as well and good especially if you're traveling or flying. All right.

Number four here, malabsorption. A lot of people today aren't actually absorbing the vitamins and minerals they are consuming. And so adding a little ginger oil and some probiotics, upping those in your diet, is going to help you better absorb vitamins such as vitamin C and vitamin B12. It's also going to help you absorb more minerals like magnesium and iron. So again, you want to make sure, again ginger oil is great for malabsorption. It's also great for nausea. So if a woman is pregnant, they could do a little bit of oftentimes using something like a ginger oil, possibly mixed with an oil like sometimes chamomile, sometimes peppermint, but things that really just kind of soothe the body. And with pregnancy, I recommend, not internal use, but just simply smelling it, getting a diffuser and just simply smelling it can be really calming to the body there as well. And by the way, for nausea, I love that combination of peppermint oil plus ginger, really, really great combo there.

Number six here is immunity. Now, in Chinese medicine, when you get a cold, have you ever thought about this, why is a cold called a “cold?” You know, your nose is running. You have all of this mucus buildup. So why isn't it called something along those lines, just called a cold? Well, a cold is called a cold because within Chinese medicine, when you get a cold or flu, your body tends to get cold that's why you tend to sometimes get the chills or you get really hot as your body is cold internally. Well, ginger's a warming herb so it helps to warm your body helping you overcome a cold. That's why some of the most ancient remedies include ginger tea with cinnamon, right? So we know cinnamon is also a warming herb. So those warming herbs together help warm the body combating a cold that you can have. So again, ginger, one of my favorite natural immune boosters especially for the cold and flu.

And then diabetes, the other incredible thing here is ginger oil, the compounds, have been shown to help balance out insulin levels. Now we know insulin levels is important for hormones, insulin is important for healthy energy levels. It's also important for fighting diabetes and really supporting those insulin receptor sites on your pancreas. And so again, another great benefit of using ginger oil every day is the insulin balancing, those blood sugar balancing benefits. And so again, well, if you're going to use ginger oil, diffuse it in your home. It's great to mix with citrusy oils like lemon and lime.

So diffusing that in your house is great. Typically, you want to use a carrier oil with it such as coconut oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, those are some good options there because it is a little bit spicy. So again, mixing this with, let's say, five drops of ginger oil to about a fourth of a teaspoon of coconut oil, you can use it topically then. Or again, internally, just do it single . . . typically, one drop is enough. One to two drops, you can put in tea, you can add to a smoothie there as well. In fact, you can do a cinnamon-apple smoothie. I do a scoop of bone broth, a protein powder that's apple-cinnamon flavor, a little bit of ginger there, can taste great. And I've even added this into recipes. You know, apple pie, some other things like that can be great. So a little ginger oil and again, ginger CO2 extract, also pretty great. You know, when you smell these oils like I'm smelling now, I mean, it is very, very strong, especially with ginger CO2.

So listen, ginger oil is great but also doing ginger tea, raw ginger juice, ginger CO2 extract, all great ways to get ginger.

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