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Stop Counting Calories and Start Counting Chemicals

Stop counting calories and start counting chemicals. Hey, my friend! I’m in the beautiful city of Medellin, Colombia and I’ve been analyzing and watching people for an entire week and I’ve come to reach some realizations that I wanna share with you in this Saturday Strategy. If you’re the type of person that’s ever busted […]


Why Vitamin & Mineral Supplements Might Be Failing You

  Should I take Multi-Vitamins? I’m Ty Bollinger. Thanks for joining me today. This is my good friend, Dr. Daniel Nuzum. Thanks for joining me, doc. Dr. Nuzum: Yes, sir. Ty Bollinger: And Dr. Nuzum is going to share with us some of his wisdom today on the importance of two things that seem pretty […]


OrganiGreens is Now USDA Certified Organic

  OrganiGreens is Now USDA Certified Organic – Here’s why it matters! Welcome everyone Jonathan Hunsaker here with organics with my business partner and mighty good friend Ty Bollinger. What’s that mean brother, not a lot listen we’ve been making videos lately and we love making of videos and we love making them connecting with […]


5 Tips For Eating Clean

Eating clean means making sure you choose the healthiest option in each food group. In order to eat clean, you need to know what your food is made of, and if possible, making sure you consume it in its natural form. In case you want to start living healthier, but aren’t sure exactly what to […]


What Is A Ketogenic Diet?

In this video, I’ll be telling you what the ketogenic diet is and what it is not and how it is the diet that can work when nothing else will. And medical studies now are proving that the ketogenic diet can help you lose weight, boost your brain health, fight neurological disease, balance hormones, and […]


7 Pitfalls On The Road To A Healthy Diet

When you’re on a personal quest to get healthy and lose weight, it’s important to plan for success. Here are some key traps and pitfalls to look out for on the road to healthy eating and weight loss. One of the primary motivators for eating junk food is cost. After being accustomed to the low […]


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