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Why we should stop using palm oil products

Don’t just palm off our animals and natural ecosystems if you want to live   There is certainly a lot of hype around palm oil today – and environmentalists are opening our eyes to the fact that farming palm oil trees are killing our planet and our health. Our pristine rain forests are being cleared […]


Easy Tips To Help Prevent Colds and Flu This Season

Easy Tips To Help Prevent Colds and Flu This Season to Give You The Edge The people who are exposed to germs from flu and colds on a daily basis, such as flight attendants, doctors, teachers, etc. probably know quite a few easy tips on how to avoid catching and even preventing the germs spread from […]


How neediness and emotional insecurity destroy relationships

  “Please, clouds, don’t rain!” Not going to work, is it? And neither will trying to reassure someone who just can’t be reassured. They will go on fretting, no matter how you plead. Chronic insecurity in your relationship is a major problem. Why? Because relationships really, deeply matter. Your health, your wellbeing, your happiness are […]


How to Reduce Work and Job Stress

Look around you at the faces of many people as you go about your daily work and life – stress is written over their faces. Stress at work is a silent killer, quietly eating away at you, until one day when it snaps. It has depleted you of your energy, it has made you unable […]


An Introduction to Self-care

It makes no difference whether you are a professional, a student, and a housewife – whatever! – self-care is of top priority – it matters, a lot. Whatever your status, each one is expected to balance work responsibilities, play, home – and the challenges that come with these. Self-care is a practice that helps to […]


This Is Why You Should Stop Using Deodorant

If you’re like most Americans, your typical morning includes taking a shower, cleaning your teeth and wrapping up your hygiene routine with the swipe or spray of deodorant before getting dressed and primped. A whopping 95 percent of Americans regularly use deodorant, which has made the deodorant business an $18 billion industry.


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