David Wolfe on CANCER cure

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Review of the best documentary about holistic cancer treatments ever made! “CANCER is curable NOW”  by David Wolfe.

David Wolfe is considered by his peers to be one of the world’s leading authorities on nutrition. He has spent the last 20 years traveling the world, educating people on the power of raw food, superfoods, and longevity technologies.

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  1. Jaylan says:

    There are lots of other alternative cancer treatments apart from what's been discussed. Nonetheless many cancer survivors who used alternative drugs are living proofs of the efficacy of these treatments.

  2. Joey Alexander says:

    When you get to that kind of concentration, you have got to work up to it, just like everything else. Lenette : Where are you telling folks is the number 1 place to get these superfoods? There are poor quality superfoods out there and there are the alltime best superfoods out there.

    With each superfood, you become a leading name on what to buy and the way to identify what’s top quality and what’s sub-standard.

  3. Hugin says:

    It's a surgical procedure in your psyche, which must change your character. We are in truth under-developed primates who are sure that they're superior from misguided animals.

  4. Darius says:

    There are many tastes of massage treatment.

  5. Dallin Livingston says:

    Nieper was also generally known for treating the affluent and famous, typically Hollywood actors and flesh pressers. In my neighborhood in central Arizona are a few such practitioners.

  6. Alonzo says:

    They need it to be as straightforward as practical.

  7. 1woods says:

    About where the way forward for nourishment is. Lenette : Was that like a detoxification reaction she was having? Or simply overstimulation from all of these minerals and things? David : It was possibly both because when you put that type of nutrition…it was like herbs…I remember putting Cat’s Claw powder in there and Camu Camu berry. There's little in there.

    You want acetylcholine from bee pollen and royal jelly to help drive that out.

  8. Raphael says:

    If you aren't that sure about the right categories of food to eat, you can visit your doctor or dietary specialist. He can offer you an inventory of foods you can eat to have a good colon. By living a good way of life, you can stop bowel cancer.

  9. Franco Kennedy says:

    Radiation, surgery, and chemical treatment are common treatments for asbestos cancer.

  10. Brian Sanders says:

    Certain categories of fruit and vegetables are widely believed to frustrate many cancer types. Vis selenium, no classic explanation exists it's of benefit. Talk with your GP prior to starting any vitamin reinforcement.

  11. STNS.BANK says:

    Nevertheless our level of understanding, and our sometimes assertive behaviour, reflect a basic logical system. Naturally, you want physical health also, and you'll have it, but after you be aware of what could incite you a major psychological sickness, and you change your character.

  12. allmightyhawk says:

    There's a group of elements known as halogens, which include iodine, fluorine, bromine and chlorine. Jorge D.

  13. Rhys says:

    It's not got this reputation accidentally.

  14. guillaume_stpierre says:

    Against this, the occurrence of lung cancer is one thousand per 1,000,000. This system is also non-poisonous and causes little agony for the patient. New methods of treatment are being developed , for example molecular centered treatments, for lung cancer.

  15. mjgreenan says:

    Nevertheless the traditional treatment techniques haven't been awfully successful in the case of asbestos cancer, yielding only a short survival rate of 6-12 months after the show.

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