Legal Weed Hurting Profits For Big Pharma Opioid Dealers

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Due to the medical marijuana industry, it seems that there has been a drop in the number of prescriptions for painkillers, specifically opioids. This is according to a study published. They specifically looked at the cost associated with medicare. They notice that ever since they have legalized medicinal marijuana, they had seen a drop in the amount of money that the system has to spend on painkillers. Keep in mind that marijuana is not covered by insurance because it is a schedule one drug. The savings you are seeing with medicare d is being shifted onto the patients and they have to pay out-of-pocket. >> this is amazing. First of all, this is great evidence. What you said about blood thinners is important. They don't think marijuana is a miracle drug. On the other hand, when people take marijuana for pain and depression, it works. It also costs less overall for society.

Think about all the money we can save. Also, they are going out-of-pocket because it is not part of insurance. Older people are saying I have to smoke pot because it works better. On average they spend about $400 a month. They are willing to spend that extra money because it works so much better. Ironically they got us addicted to prescription drugs, and for a profit. I am old enough that I got brainwashed into thinking marijuana was super dangerous when I was a kid. Every time we see a story about how it could help people with certain ailments, I always feel skeptical. It turns out we made the one herb that does have some amazing properties. It is helpful and has the benefit of making you happy. That is the one thing we made illegal. That is unbelievable. >> yes, we made it illegal for racist reasons, it was a way of criminalizing Mexicans. Another reason is when it comes to opioids we are not going to create opioids in our garden. Growing marijuana is relatively easy. Pharmaceutical companies can come up with marijuana products, but if they are too expensive we have the power to grow our own.

And of course, they don't like that. >> ana is right. This is clearly documented in American history. They made it illegal because a lot of people coming in from latin America were smoking it. Later, a top Nixon aide admitted that we created the war on drugs because we wanted to target our enemies, the white hippies who we thought were doing drugs, and blacks. He said it. We know if we made it legal, we would have better answers, and we would have more fun. For example alcohol. What is the point of alcohol? Fun. That doesn't cure you of anything. >> it might cure you of awkward thanksgiving dinners. >> or of your inhibitions if you are approaching a girl at a bar.

But it doesn't have an overwhelming positive value. But marijuana actually does. And it is a schedule one drug. The claimant is so dangerous you can even experiment with it. The one thing it appears to be dangerous is the profits of pharmaceuticals. That is the most powerful lobby in America. >> you are right. I looked up some lobbying numbers. They did amp up their funding to our politicians when the issue of legalizing marijuana came up. This lobbying money isn't only related to marijuana, it's related to all the issues pharmaceutical companies ñ >> 2013 was an off year. There were no elections. These guys gave billions of dollars to politicians in lobbying efforts. Pharmaceuticals are just one of the lobbies. They did it because they wanted to make sure the government could not negotiate drug prices that saved them billions of dollars. They also did it so there was no public option. This right here is competition, and they can't have it.

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