OrganiGreens is Now USDA Certified Organic

  OrganiGreens is Now USDA Certified Organic – Here’s why it matters! Welcome everyone Jonathan Hunsaker here with organics with my business partner and mighty good friend Ty Bollinger. What’s that mean brother, not a lot listen we’ve been making videos lately and we love making of videos and we love making them connecting with

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How Much Glyphosate Are You Consuming?

  Mike, earlier, you mentioned glyphosate and we were talking about the different uses for glyphosate. Many people know that are watching that it’s recently been declared a probable carcinogen. But there are some unknown uses for glyphosate too that you were mentioning.

Why Are GMOs Bad? – Jeffrey M. Smith

Ty Bollinger: So what are the effects on humans of eating BT toxin and Roundup pesticide? Jeffrey Smith: Well, it was promised to us up and down that BT toxin was safe because it only affected certain insects. That turned out to be not true. The BT toxin in its natural form, which is used

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Understanding Resistant Starch

  Hi everybody. My name is Dr. Carp. I am president and founder of Miracle Noodle, if you do not know and wanted to do a little bit of an experiment. And in my weight loss group that I have on Facebook, we’ve gotten a couple of questions about resistant starch and so I figured

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Hypnosis To Reduce The Sounds Of Tinnitus

   In the UK six million people experience sounds for which there is no external source. These people have tinnitus. The symptoms of tinnitus are often described as ringing, buzzing or whistling sounds that are perceived within the ears or the head. However, it is not the ear that is responsible. Instead, the causes

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