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By Sye Rodriguez How Earthing Benefits You The function of Earthing and Earthing Products is so essential that it won’t be long before they are something everyone is aware of. I discovered earthing, in practice, at a longevity conference I attended in the Fall of 2010. I had heard of earthing before that, but didn’t […]


Healthy Home Healthy Family

Healthy Home Healthy Family – Kindle Edition Don’t have a Kindle? Get Your Kindle Here What can be more important than the health of your family? Healthy Home Healthy Family is a compilation of ten years of research. Within its pages you will discover how your home can affect your family’s health and, most importantly, […]


Earthing Experiment by David Wolfe

Earthing Experiment – Part One This experiment was witnessed by over 750 people in a LIVE demonstration of one of the world’s most powerful longevity technologies at the Longevity Conference in Costa Mesa, CA. [wpgfxm_button title_color=”#FFFFFF” size=”large” color=”brown” align=”center” new_window=”_blank” link=””]Earthing Products and Books[/wpgfxm_button] Earthing Experiment – Part Two     Earthing Experiment – Part […]


Barefoot and Grounded

Barefoot and Grounded, How Grounding Yourself on the Earth Challenges Everything We Thought We Knew By John W Brackett What could be more refreshing than walking barefoot through the grass on a warm summer day? Or jumping into a natural river to cool off afterwards? The fact is, these are among the most refreshing feeling […]


Pseudohalitosis – What Is It?

What is a Pseudohalitosis Lets face it, all of us have bad breath from time to time and it can make it difficult for us to be socially active if it really becomes a problem. There may be times, however, whenever our bad breath is not really stemming from a problem with our mouth at […]


Proper Hygiene to control Bad Breath

To correct a problem with bad breath, proper oral hygiene is a must Do you really keep track of how many times you brush your teeth per day to remove bad breath? For many of us, it is only something that we do in the morning whenever we wake up because our mouth tastes bad […]


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