Withholding the health benefits of CBD Oil is a crime

The use of cannabis oil still continues to be a bit of an emotional and politically charged debate today, even though it has been used in preparations for hundreds upon hundreds of years. Cannabis use originated years and years back in Asia, and has, since the early days, found its way to many parts of the world, spreading all the way to the Americas. Cannabis was mostly used for its medicinal and spiritual purposes back in the day in pre-modern times and the medieval Germans and Vikings used cannabis to relieve pain for a toothache and also in childbirth. It was, however, the abuse of it which led to it banning in the 1930s, and yet there are so many benefits to using it. Recently cannabis or marijuana is drawing much attention because of its therapeutic values, and scientists believe that because cannabis oil and related products have so many benefits, we cannot afford to ignore this natural plant.

Why we should stop using palm oil products

Don’t just palm off our animals and natural ecosystems if you want to live


Why we should stop using palm oil products

There is certainly a lot of hype around palm oil today – and environmentalists are opening our eyes to the fact that farming palm oil trees are killing our planet and our health. Our pristine rain forests are being cleared through Malaysia and Indonesia and our wildlife such as the orangutan, elephant, rhino, tiger, and literally hundreds more, are being destroyed. Carbon is also being sent into the atmosphere every time trees are burned down. It’s a human disgrace, a human disaster, and humans are causing it!

Selenium & B-Vitamin Shown to Reduce Colon Cancer Risk

Selenium & B-Vitamin Shown to Reduce Colon Cancer Risk. Hi, I am Dr. James Meschino. I want to tell you about a study here in 2009; that was very impressive. It showed that people that had higher intake levels of the mineral selenium and the B vitamin folic acid were associated with a fifty percent reduction in colon cancer incidence. Now the paper was entitled Selenium, folate and colon cancer. It was published in 2009 in the International Journal of Nutrition and Cancer. The authors were Connelly Frost and fellow researchers and were published through the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Easy Tips To Help Prevent Colds and Flu This Season

Easy Tips To Help Prevent Colds and Flu This Season to Give You The Edge

Easy Tips To Help Prevent Colds and Flu This Season

The people who are exposed to germs from flu and colds on a daily basis, such as flight attendants, doctors, teachers, etc. probably know quite a few easy tips on how to avoid catching and even preventing the germs spread from a sneezing child in the classroom or a sick passenger on the flight – many will suggest that you get your seasonal flu shot in order to prevent the bug from taking hold of you.

But here are some really good tips from those people who are exposed to colds and flu on a daily basis:

How Junk Food Leads to Cancer


How Junk Food Leads to Cancer & Other Serious Health Issues

Liana was raised on a healthy, nutritious diet, but when she became an adult and she moved out of her childhood home she left a healthy diet and good nutrition behind. Eventually, she was diagnosed with cancer. Nearly ten years after her diagnosis she has accomplished so much. Including two published books that are wonderful. Listen to Liana's inspiring story about nutrition and cancer for a wake-up call on the dangers of junk food.

2 Ayurvedic Herbs That Can Kill Cancer


Today we are focusing on two Ayurvedic herbs: Withania and Turmeric. If you've been following us for some time now, you're probably familiar with Ayurvedic practices and its benefits towards healing and preventing cancer. Join Dr. Manuela Boyle for an expert of her presentation from last years TTAC Live Event. She'll give us a brief overview of the many principles of ayurvedic healing and then dive deeper into how these herbs work synergistically with your body to promote healing.

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