Fungi matter | Dr. Demetra Kandalepas

I’m here to tell you that you probably can’t even imagine the scope of what fungi do for you every day and what they could potentially do for you. You probably don’t think about the fact that without fungi, we’d probably be buried under mountains of plant debris, and maybe animal carcasses, and quite literally, a lot of shit. These things are incredible composters. They are the garbage disposals of Nature. The fungus that you see right here, you probably recognize it as an oyster mushroom.


Dr Bruce Lipton’s views on Vaccinations

When you put a needle under the skin, that is not any normal function of a biological system, oral vaccines are the normal function and this becomes very critical because oral is using the tonsils for what their function was, creating an immune response, bypassing the tonsils but you throw a monkey wrench into the system.


How to Improve Your Eyesight Naturally

Most of us or many of us don’t have an ideal vision and tend to resort to other interventions to help to restore. That to the point that we can see better and many people use eyeglasses and I want to tell you now if you don’t know already that that is not an ideal way to compensate for this because eyeglasses were never designed to be the perfect solution. Part of this is related to the fact that you’ll when you have less than perfect vision it is not a static process, in other words, there’s your eyesight will change gradually better and worse throughout the day. An eyeglass is it’s a fixed correction and it will partially correct maybe ideally correct for it sometimes in a day but the other times it’s going to it’s going to be off. So it’s really not the perfect way to do this and hopefully if it’s reasonably close to what the visual dysfunction is. You’ll be able to see better but invariably with time everyone who’s wearing a corrective lens will worsen their vision with time which is you know it’s not going to improve you you’ll just get worse and this is true for contact lenses it’s also true even worse for LASIK.

What is epigenetics?

Here’s a conundrum: identical twins originate from the same DNA, so how can they turn out so different even in traits that have a significant genetic component? For instance, why might one twin get heart disease at 55, while her sister runs marathons in perfect health? Nature versus nurture has a lot to do with it, but a deeper related answer can be found within something called epigenetics. That’s the study of how DNA interacts with the multitude of smaller molecules found within cells, which can activate and deactivate genes. If you think of DNA as a recipe book, those molecules are largely what determines what gets cooked when. They aren’t making any conscious choices themselves, rather their presence and concentration within cells make the difference. So how does that work? Genes in DNA are expressed when they’re read and transcribed into RNA, which is translated into proteins by structures called ribosomes. And proteins are much of what determines a cell’s characteristics and function. Epigenetic changes can boost or interfere with the transcription of specific genes.

What Are You Putting Into Your Body

What Are You Putting Into Your Body – Part 10 of 10

Final Thoughts What you put into your body is critical when you are striving to improve your wellness.  Smoking, alcohol, and drugs are key considerations when you want to improve your wellness, even if these things are only done on occasion. Diet is of utmost importance in achieving an optimal level of energy, vitality, and...

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What Are You Putting Into Your Body

What Are You Putting Into Your Body – Part 9 of 10

Avoiding Mood-Altering Drugs Nothing can be more detrimental to your physical, mental, emotional, social, spiritual, financial, and occupational wellness than the abuse or even occasional use of mood-altering drugs, including prescriptions, and illicit drugs like cocaine, marijuana, heroin, and others. The risk of drug abuse increases a great deal during times you’re under transition. These...

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