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The Health Benefits of Juicing Raw Cannabis

  For a wide range of juicers Click Here Do you suffer from chronic pain and disease? Have you ever tried medical marijuana to manage your pain by smoking or vaporizing the cannabis? Many people who don’t wish to inhale smoke turn to cooked products such as pot cookies or brownies and even oils or […]


Joe Cross Discusses The Health Benefits of Juicing | Williams-Sonoma

  For a wide range of juicers Click Here Juicing is a great way to increase the intake of nutrients and enhance your health. In this video, Joe Cross from Reboot Your Life talks about the health benefits you can enjoy from regular juicing. Joe calls fruits and vegetables “captured sunlight” and the energy contained […]


Blending vs Juicing – Which is Best for Weight Loss

  For a wide range of juicers Click Here John from Discount Juicers answers the question what is the difference between blending and juicing. In this video you will learn the specific differences of blending vs juicing and which may be more beneficial to lose weight or just get healthy.


The Most Common Juicing Mistakes

  For a wide range of juicers Click Here Watch this video and find out what are the most common juicing mistakes and more….


Nature’s Viagra (Best juicing recipe ever!)

  For a wide range of juicers Click Here Dr. Paula Moore, the posture doctor shows you how to make the ultimate juicing recipe using nature’s viagra – the beetroot.


Juicing with the Kuvings Whole Food Slow Juicer

  For a wide range of juicers Click Here Whip up healthy juice bar specialties with this ultra-efficient machine! Great for everything from juicing to making smoothies, sorbets and baby food, it has an extra-wide feed tube that accommodates whole ingredients to streamline prep. Fresher taste with more nutrients – Preserves the taste and flavor. […]


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