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You Heal Yourself… Here’s How

by Laura Koniver, MD


 You are literally a self-healing machine… …it’s what you *DO* best!


massage therapist, etc…


ALL rely on *your body* to heal itself.

I know I rely on my patient’s bodies to self heal… all health care practitioners do.

Give me 6 minutes and I’ll explain exactly why.
And in the last 60 seconds of this video, I’ll tell you why it is so very dangerous to give anyone else the credit for your healing:



Laura Koniver, MD is the Intuition Physician, infusing modern medicine with intuition for deeper healing then medicine can ever do on it’s own.  She is an author, physician and speaker who has been featured in news and media outlets, writes a regular health column in the national organic lifestyle magazine MaryJanesFarm and is featured in the motion picture The Grounded.  If you’d like to learn more about how intuition and medicine complement each other, grab your FREE Earthing™ Idea Book, learn how you can work personally with Dr. Koniver, or to read hundreds of holistic healing articles like this one… head on over to her website at:

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Could Earthing™ Prevent Cancer?

Can touching the earth prevent cancer?

You’ve probably heard about the latest medical study looking at the benefits vs. risks of taking aspirin daily to prevent cancer.


Experts now say that the benefits of taking aspirin to prevent some forms of cancer (namely, GI cancers such as colorectal cancer) outweighs the risks to taking this daily pharmaceutical.

Published on August 6 in the Annals of Oncology, researchers looked at daily aspirin use and the reduction of GI, lung, prostate and breast cancers.

The results were promising, showing a 30% – 35% reduction in the risk of developing colorectal cancer, a 25% reduction in the risk of developing esophageal and stomach cancers, and smaller risk reduction in the other cancer categories (prostate, lung, breast.)

In the end, the data suggest that:

“over 10 years, about 33 to 127 people would need to take aspirin [every single day for 10 years] to prevent 1 major event, and 46 to 213 people would need to take aspirin [every single day for 10 years] to prevent 1 death.”

They conclude it takes about 3 years of daily aspirin use to start to show some benefit.


Their conclusion is that besides stopping smoking and reducing obesity, taking aspirin daily to reduce cancer risk is one of the most important things we can do.

Certainly, they rationalize, popping a pill each day is easier than stopping smoking or reducing weight.


And certainly having the entire world’s population consuming one specific pharmaceutical on a daily basis will only boost sales in the already BILLION dollar aspirin industry.

“Our study shows that if everyone aged between 50 and 65 started taking aspirin daily for at least 10 years, there would be a 9% reduction in the number of cancers, strokes, and heart attacks overall in men, and around 7% in women,” study leader Dr. Cuzick states.

Let it be noted that Dr. Cuzick just happens to be on the board advisory of Bayer…
…and that several of his co-authors on the publication also report financial relationships with pharmaceutical companies as well.

So… their postulate is: everyone on earth aged 50 -65 consuming the same drug, every single day for 10 years (that’s 3,650 pills per person) to show this benefit… Wowza!


I think for those with a family history of colorectal or other GI cancers, this daily preventive measure might absolutely make sense.

So… if you are interested in using aspirin as a cancer preventive drug, the most beneficial daily dose:

75 – 100 mg a day.


Keep in mind, that daily aspirin use is associated with serious risks, including ulcers, bleeding and stroke.

(Stroke mortality goes up by 21% in those taking aspirin daily, for example.)

These risks increase sharply in people over the age of 70.


But, what if there was something that was totally free… that could have the exact same health benefits with less risk?

Would this news grab headlines the way a pharmaceutical drug has?

Would the study even exist at all if there was no product for people to purchase as a result of the outcome?

I’ve already demonstrated that Earthing™ helps support weight loss naturally and that Earthing™ has already been proven in the medical literature to instantly decrease blood viscosity and allow the blood to move more freely.

Earthing directly reduces blood clumping and therefore decreases the risk of cardiovascular events such as heart attack and stroke… just like aspirin. Read More…

French Senate passes bill regarding wireless networks and mobile phones

Electromagnetic Fields, Cell Phone Health Hazards, Radio Frequencies, Emr Exposure

Watch this video to see what the Cell Phone Headset Radiation can do…



The French senate has passed a bill in an attempt to introduce additional precautions for the use of wireless networks and mobile phones, such as, turning off wireless networks in primary schools when they are not in use and requiring new mobile phones to include specially designed hands-free kits for children.

“This amendment takes into account the rights of parents to be informed when their children are exposed to electromagnetic fields. It also follows the principles of common sense in switching wireless networks off when they’re not in use,” Joël Labbé, Greens Senator for the department Morbihan in Western France, said.

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Problem with beef from China…

Meat scandal takes a bite out of McDonald’s sales in Japan

The fast food chain’s Japanese unit said Tuesday that it will fall short of profit and sales targets for the year, after a longtime meat supplier was shut down last week by authorities for unsanitary practices.

I never trusted the fast food chains and we have another scandal…

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