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A naturopath’s cancer remedies

AS WE GO about the business of living our lives, we are unknowingly exposed to all kinds of infections. According to my friend Jimmy Dy-Liacco, who is a certified naturopath practitioner under the Department of Healt h/Philippine Institute of Traditional and Alternative Health Care, There are more pathogenic parasites in this world then there are people. Their…

cancer remedies

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Home remedies for everyday skin problems

Everyone, regardless of their age, experiences some unpleasant skin conditions at least once in their lives. It may be a burst of acne, a tan, an itch, ringworms or eczema but it will cause you great discomfort, making you rush to a dermatologist immediately. While consulting a professional is always best, there are also some home… Read More…

12 Healthiest Foods For Women And Why You Need Them


Women’s health depends upon a lot of different factors. Between hormones, our busy lifestyles, and the stressful demands placed upon us by society, it is easy to fall into unhealthy habits.

Overworking, over-exercising, and neglecting to practice self-care are just a few ways that women can compromise their health, and by extension, their lives.

Luckily, the road to a healthy and balanced life has a simple beginning: the right diet. The following are the twelve healthiest foods for women with a brief explanation of just why we need them.

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A New Way To Make A Cancer Drug Originally Derived From A Rare Plant

For ages, we have been using plants as remedies for countless illnesses and ailments. To this day, even some of our more advanced medicines used to treat pain, cancer, and prevent diseases find their basis in plants, some of which are endangered. And even if these plants are rare, some drugs still rely on them as… Read More…

7 natural ways to get rid of dark underarms

Dark underarms can be a nuisance, they also tend to restrict most girls from wearing sleeveless. Here are a few remedies to help get rid of dark underarms. Read:7 ways you may be ruining your IQ 1. Saffron: Saffron possesses beauty benefits. It has natural skin lightening qualities. Add a pinch of saffron to about two tablespoons of… Read More…

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