How To Begin The Quest For Ultimate Health And Wellness

The Quest For Ultimate Health And WellnessThe journey to attain ultimate health and wellness begins with building a lifestyle which supports them.

A health and wellness oriented lifestyle is built by making healthy habits and choices part of your daily routines.

You do not need to completely overhaul your entire life all at once. These changes can be made gradually. Read More…

What Are Probiotics And Their Benefits For Our Health

yogurtDefined as live yeasts and bacteria, probiotics are considered to be good microorganisms that reside in the digestive tract.

The probiotics that are featured in dietary supplements and foods are similar to the probiotics that naturally occur in the stomach.

While the body does not necessarily require probiotic supplementation, probiotics that are contained in supplements form can assist digestive health by: Read More…

This ‘Smart Tampon’ Concept Could Revolutionize Women’s Health

A new startup called NextGen Jane is looking to alter health screenings for women across the world by creating a tampon that doubles as a health screening tool. In 2013, Ridhi Tariyal, an entrepreneur, and Stephen Gire, a scientist, teamed up to form NextGen Jane, a startup with the goal of developing a new way of… Read More…

How to hypnotize your audience

5 hypnotic techniques to enrapture your listeners

Hypnotize Your Audience

The first thing any good hypnosis trainer will tell you is that to be an effective hypnotist, you need to be confident. That way you inspire confidence in your subject and they are free to relax with you.

The same is true if you want to hypnotize your audience when presenting. First, you need to inspire confidence in them and to do that you need to be free of anxiety. Read More…

Why The Leafy Greens Are Good For Your Health

Why The Leafy Greens Are Good For Your HealthAn Anatomy Of Leafy Greens And How They Serve Good Health

No diet is truly optimized without a healthy amount of leafy greens. These plant foods are truly a miracle of nature, and are loaded with vitamins and minerals; they also are low in calories so you can eat plenty of them without gaining weight. Leafy greens can be eaten in sandwiches, be part of casseroles and can be eaten in numerous types of salads.

What are leafy greens? Read More…

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