The Almost Miraculous Benefits Of Frangipani

Frangipani Absolute OilBy Rebecca Sophia Meade 

Also known as plumeria, semboja and samoja, frangipani is a popular plant which is highly regarded for its exotic, beauty and fragrance as well as its healing properties. Its flowers look really beautiful but they are often used to decorate the graves. They grow easily and they don’t require special treatment though their leaves easily wither.

When a frangipani flower is worn on the left ear, it symbolizes singleness. When it is worn on the right ear, it gives a notion that a woman is married. In the Philippines and Indonesia, frangipani is often used in decorating the graves. In Feng Shui, frangipani symbolizes love. In India, it defines immortality because of its capacity to bear flowers and leaves even after it has been lifted from the ground. It is considered as the national flower of Laos and it is often planted in the courtyards of Buddhist temples as well as the graveyards.

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Benefits Of Pilates For Overall Health and Wellness

How Pilates Benefit Overall Health and Wellness

How Pilates Benefit Overall Health and Wellness

Everyone can agree that regular exercise is necessary for the overall health and fitness of humans. No matter what type of program or workout is used, the most important part is that you move and move regularly.

Sedentary lifestyles can lead to a plethora of diseases and ailments, and overweight and obesity. Plus, what some may not have considered is the fact that a sedentary lifestyle can also lead to much more difficult senior years.

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Cultured Food for Life: How to Make Delicious Probiotic Foods

Cultured Food for Life How to Make Delicious Probiotic FoodsCultured Food for Life: How to Make and Serve Delicious Probiotic Foods for Better Health and Wellness – Book Review

It took a difficult pregnancy and declining health to provide the wake-up call to author Donna Schwenk. During her pregnancy she developed severe preeclampsia, her liver was failing and she develops gestational diabetes. Her doctor determined that the baby had to be delivered early – seven weeks premature.

Afterward, Donna experienced a life changing moment when her 10-month old daughter refused to nurse. This isn’t considered a problem with a child delivered full-term, but it was life-threatening for a 7-week premature baby. She needed the immunity protection provided through mother’s milk.

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The Plain Truth About Essential Oils – A Primer for Beginning Aromatherapists

 essential oils

As the interest in aromatherapy grows for those interested in alternative health, wellness, and fitness, many folks ask ” what are essential oils” and “how do they differ from other oils like olive oil, coconut and the like”?

This brief primer should help clarify the matter, and get you started in the wonderful world of aromatherapy.… Read More…

8 Healthy Eating Tips To Live By

 Healthy Eating Tips

Try these healthy eating tips. Healthy eating isn’t as hard as it seems.It’s just a matter of knowing which foods are good for you.

Don’t be surprised how many varieties of tasty foods are actually nutritious.

Here are eight healthy eating tips you can live by. Go big on vegetables. Green leafy vegetables are usually… Read More…

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