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6 Natural Remedies For Depression

Natural Remedies For DepressionPeople experience periods of sadness, feeling out of sorts, a bit blue, detached and other variations of mood at different points during their life. Depression occurs when these feelings become a persistent state of being rather than a passing mood.

Clinical depression can eventually affect a person’s physical health and ability to perform regular daily activities. A depressed person may eventually experience suicidal thoughts and exhibit self-destructive tendencies if their depression remains untreated.

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Vitamin K2: The Missing Nutrient For Heart And Bone Health

Vitamin K2Vitamin K2

Most people have heard about vitamin K but few know that it comes in two forms: Vitamin K1 and Vitamin K2. Vitamin K2 is one of the vitamins that researchers are finding out are great for your bone health and for your heart. It is as important as taking calcium when it comes to improving bone health.

Research has found a link between vitamin K2 and calcium. It turns out that without the addition of vitamin K2 in your diet or as a supplement, you can’t regulate calcium levels and bone health suffers. In addition, those who have decreased levels of vitamin K2 in the diet put themselves at a greater risk of atherosclerosis and heart disease.

People who have insufficient calcium in their bones get osteoporosis and have elevated amounts of calcium in the arteries instead. Vitamin K2 can turn this around. Read More…

Pain Medications 101: Know The Risks

Pain MedicationsThere are millions of people in the US taking pain medications for acute and chronic pain. There are several kinds of pain medications including over the counter pain medications, narcotic-like pain medications, and narcotic pain medications.

There are risks in taking all of these pain medications and, before you take them, you should know the risks. Read More…

What Is Fibro Fog And How To Deal With It

fibro-fogFibromyalgia is not just a condition of chronic pain and tender points. There are brain effects that seem to go along with the disease although doctors don’t know exactly how the brain and the pain of fibromyalgia are interrelated.

What Is Fibro Fog

Many patients who suffer from fibromyalgia also experience cognitive dysfunction, known as “fibro fog,” which is a set of cognitive problems plaguing fibromyalgia sufferers. Read More…

10 Tips To Improve Your Mental State When Living With Pain

Tips To Improve Your Mental State When Living With PainTips To Improve Your Emotional And Mental State When Living With Chronic Pain

Dealing with chronic pain can exact a toll on your emotional and mental state of being. You may be constantly stressed by your pain and may even suffer from depression because the pain is affecting all areas of your life and your ability to do the normal activities of daily living.

There are ways to improve your emotional and mental state when you are living with chronic pain. Here are some tips that may help you: Read More…

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